Dúchana of the Bog

"Poor, unfortunate souls..."
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Oh, please do stop struggling dear. I’m not going to kill you…

Now now, don’t look. No… Not yet, you’ll ruin the surprise. And I know you’d get all riled up and we wouldn’t have our delightful little talk… Oh, but you are a stubborn one. We’ll have to fix that, now won’t we?

It’s always the same with you new Saplings these days. You hear about me – the mad crone in the swamp who doesn’t scheme nor do much anything else that you’d think one of Nightmare does… You think you can defy me. And here you see me, now.

 Yes, I know why you came.

Yes, I saw that you would.

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But you-… no, you don’t see. Not yet, but I’ll fix that in due time. You have such pretty eyes, like all our brothers and sisters. And tears, how I cherish watching them flow.  Do keep trying to sob prettily for me, yes…?

Oh, this? It would be better for you not to linger on it, not while I-… No, no, dear child, give me those hands. It’s rude to defy your hostess after she so liberally accepted you with open arms after you barged in here. Now, your hands… Good. There, there. See? Isn’t it better when we get along? Now then, there’s still work to be done. That’s why you’re here.

… And so that you’ll know? This is going to be very painful. And you knowing that, my naive little sibling, will make it all the worse. And please do scream, I do… savor it so. A malicious quirk was what a dear sister said to me. She saw me, oh yes she did, and soon she saw more… You all will, soon enough.



You shall see.


A character that quickly (no pun intended) sprouted from concept to creation, Dúchana has in little time grown to be a fond favorite of mine. Inspired by a number of influences both subtle and prominent, a key source being a select few villains and dark figures alike, it was an aspiration of mine to make up a devious character of my own. And despite the “evil Sylvari” character trope quickly approaching borederline cliche in regards to roleplay… Well, to have Dúchana stand out from the dime and dozen attempts to fulfill a villainous role is something else I aspire for.

As far as her appearance goes, it was and still is an entertaining challenge to piece together outfits for her and any other of my characters from multiple sets while still looking both appealing and unique. Easier said than done. Dúchana, however, I would have hoped to achieve just that with her, or else I wouldn’t be here to start! Macabre and murky, yet still having her true nature peek out from the layers of stagnation and filth that’s accumulate over the years, she truly looks the part of a swamp witch.


“Oh, you care to immitate…?”
  • Skull Masque (Necromancer Starter Headpiece)
  • Conjurer Mantle
  • Tactical Coat (Story Reward or WvW Skin)
  • Orchid Gloves (Cultural Armor)
  • Shadow Leggings
  • Orchid Boots (Cultural Armor)
  • Weapon – The Crossing/Invader Daggers

A mixture of Taupe, Calfskin & Cocoa – not to mention a touch of Antique Gold for accent – would be your dyes of choice as well.



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