Duck Tales: Remastered Trailer and Release Information; Don’t Forget to Sing Along

Ducktales returning in HD, my inner child just crapped himself

Ducktales returning in HD, my inner child just crapped himself

During the generation of 8 bit games, Disney released a slew of games that are now considered timeless classics. A few that come to mind are Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse, Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, and of course Duck Tales. Not only are these games known to be excellent platformers but also, for a children’s game, were quite challenging. I’m pretty sure Duck Tales may have been the first game that made me throw my controller as a child.

Duck Tales: Remastered will release on August 13th on the Playstation store, Wii U eShop, Steam, and will also have a boxed copy available for the PS3 on August 20th. Unfortunately for Xbox 360 owners, the game will not be available for the system until September 11, due to a conflict with Summer of Arcade. The game will be priced at $14.99 as a digital copy, with the PS3 boxed copy running $19.99 and coming with a collectors pin and the digital code. As of Tuesday, July 16th PS+ members may preorder the game for $11.99

The game has been updated for the current generation and features improved HD graphics, voice work from the original actors of the show, and a more fluid story line.

With so many games being remade, which other ones would you like to see come back? I’m waiting for the Little Nemo remake myself. Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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