E3 2014’s Most Promising Games Won’t be Here Until 2015

While there are still plenty of great games on tap for 2014, it seems like the 2015 titles stole the show at E3.
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Drives me nuts when this happens.

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For the record, I don’t have a problem with delays, nor do I have a problem with waiting for great games. I never have trouble finding something to play; in fact, my backlog hasn’t been depleted in years. As far as I’m concerned, given the huge variety of titles available digitally and physically these days, there’s no reason whatsoever for any avid gamer to go without.

That being said, it’s a little frustrating when you’re watching an event called “E3 2014” and the most exciting products on display won’t be ready until 2015. Several of those won’t launch until after E3 2015, for crying out loud.

Hype is a part of the industry and it’s important to get everyone amped up concerning big-name titles, especially considering the amount of money developers and publishers have to invest these days. Even so, I saw that “2015” estimated date far too often during E3.

Some have made the claim that the “next-gen” doesn’t really start until 2015…well, maybe so

I’m not sure this is entirely accurate, but it’s definitely true – in my eyes, anyway – that the games on tap for 2015 appear to have more potential, and appear to push the power of the new consoles. Now, I’m sure games like Assassin’s Creed: UnityDestiny, and Far Cry 4 will be fantastic, but I’m sensing a bit more potential freshness – and revolutionary technical accomplishments – from next year’s batch. 

Just look at Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainThe Witcher 3: Wild HuntBloodborneUncharted 4: A Thief’s EndHalo 5: GuardiansBatman: Arkham KnightThe Order: 1886, etc. I think it’s a little weird that we’re seeing more potential for 2015 when we’re only half-done with 2014…aren’t we getting a little ahead of ourselves here? I’d like to focus on what’s coming down the pike for this holiday season, but I’m having trouble getting excited for a bunch of shooters and Unity.

Maybe I’ll turn to more digital-only games in the smaller indie sphere in 2014, just because more interesting projects might pop up this year. For now, the biggest stuff that appears most impressive just won’t be here this year, and that’s at least mildly frustrating.

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