EA Play possibly revealed new Villain for Star Wars Battlefront

Could Bossk be the villain for the upcoming Death Star DLC scheduled to launch in the Fall for Star Wars Battlefront? EA Play may have confirmed it.

E3 brought a lot of exciting moments for gamers. From Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding reveal to new Xbox hardware, there was a lot to write home about. But one of the most disappointing moments of the conference was the Star Wars look ahead video shown at the EA Play event.

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While the video came and went without any real excitement, a little something snuck in regarding Star Wars Battlefront — and it may have revealed an upcoming villain for the game.

In the video above, around the 43-second mark, you will see a developer at his computer working with some concepts for a new hero/villain character. That character is none other than bounty hunter Bossk, the lizard looking guy who made a brief appearance in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

While some fans may not be too thrilled with all of the little known bounty hunters being put into the game, I would hold your tongue as of now. After trying out Greedo and Dengar, bounty hunters are actually really fun to play. Dengar, the new villain included in the Bespin DLC, is an absolute tank and extremely fun to control.

As for the hero included in the Death Star DLC, we’re willing to bet any amount of money that Chewbacca is the choice. He is already included in the game via the diorama, and his bowcaster is also already included.

The Bespin DLC is available now for season pass holders and will be available to all on July 5 for $15. Expect more info on the Death Star DLC at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in Europe from July 15 to the 17.

 What do you think of possibly playing as Bossk? Who would you like to see as a playable character in Star Wars Battlefront

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