EA to Stick By “No More Online Pass” Policy Following Xbox One’s Turnaround

EA Is Not Bringing Back Their Notorious "Online Pass" Policy Despite Xbox One Announces Support For Used Games!

Xbox One recently went through a huge change in policy regarding used games and the requirement of an internet connection, after receiving a huge backlash from consumers. With the Xbox One’s change in policy, many consumers are looking around the game community to see if other companies will listen to the buyers’ opinions. One policy change that drew green flags from the community was EA’s cancellation of the “Online Pass” policy. 

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What is the “Online Pass”?
EA “Online Pass” was a code included in ever purchase of new game, but if you wanted to purchase a used game you would have to pay a separate fee to access the online features. This policy has been enforced for a while now, and it has made a majority of the gaming community not so happy with EA. This is because gamers were not able to lend popular EAtitles to friends, nor were they allowed to buy used games without paying an extra fee. 
Why Would EA Bring Back The “Online Pass” Charge?

With Microsoft announcing that the Xbox One will support used games, many were expecting EAto implement the “Online Pass” so EAcould bring in revenue from used game sales. An official from EAsaid:

“[EA] want(s) to be clear that our online pass decision was based on player feedback, and there’s no change”

EA seems to be listening to the community as well! Hopefully this leads to other big game developers to listen to what their customers have to say. 

What Do You Think?

Obviously it is great not having to pay extra fees for games, but are you happy that EA is sticking by their guns and not bringing the “Online Pass” policy back?

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