Element of water, attend me

Behold the ocean's power!

Behold the ocean's power!

Born in Divinity’s Reach and raised amongst the nobility, Vanyali never bothered wearing heavy plates and instead relied on her quickness and the ability to control the elements in order to defend herself. When the centaurs attacked Shaemoor, she was sent out to help out the garrison and her assistance was so valuable that the villagers started referring to her as a hero and although they praised her for her actions she couldn’t forget all the warriors that gave their lives during the battle. When she woke up, a priestess of Dwayna told her about everything that happened while Vanyali was unconscious and on that day, she made the decision to go back to the start and learn. To learn how to save lives instead of taking them.


Turning her back on the destructive elements, Vanyali decided to show up as the mistress of water. No matter how dark the sky is, her outfit is intended to bring a smile of relief to everyone around her.


The Look

Color overview


The Weaponry

Shown in the picture is the staff, Imryldyeen. As alternative set she uses the scepter Tsunami and the dagger Jormag’s Needle.

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