Ernesto: The Fastest RPG You Will Ever Play

The only RPG with no text, no grinding and no spatial movement.

The only RPG with no text, no grinding and no spatial movement.
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Ernesto– A Quick RPG is a simple turn-based, dungeon RPG. You are Ernesto, and you’re descending into a dangerous dungeon to battle with the dungeon god on the fourth level. But before you get there, you must level up and become strong enough to fight him!

As you gain experience, the yellow bar in Ernesto’s stats begins to fill–once it reaches the top, you gain an extra hit point. But beware: the dungeon is full of spiders, bats, traps, and tunnels. Hovering over icons tells you what it is does. Things like crystal balls can show you where traps are, and corpses can sometimes have loot. There are whips that can allow you to defeat snakes without being poisoned, and disguises that can fool the enemy.

The hardest part about Ernesto- A Quick RPG is navigating. As you move through the dungeon, you leave a red trail behind you that cannot be crossed. But, as long as you are still alive, you can “rewind” by clicking on any previous icon you have been to, and your trail will rewind all the way back to that icon. The only downfall of rewinding is Ernesto loses all the XP and items he had gained on the rewound portion of the trail.

In the process of writing this article alone, I have played–and subsequently died–at least seven times in Ernesto. The game has lots of cool aspects to it and is easy to pick up when you aren’t doing anything else. 

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