Ever Wanted To See Digimon World Expanded? Here It Is!

A Digimon World 1 remake which was released on the PS1 back in 90's is getting a remake.

A Digimon World 1 remake which was released on the PS1 back in 90's is getting a remake.

Digimon World Project Ark is a free fan-made project that is aiming to expand and revive the original Digimon World (originally for the PS1) on the PC. It has been in the making for a number of years now, and it’s looking good as ever!

The most noteable thing is that it has changed its engine and look quite a bit over the course of development. With that being said, it seems it’s been solidified overall, and the dev team hope to have a playable demo soon.

Another gaming website, called Siliconera, had a chance to speak to a few members of the staff team in hopes they can get further information on this fan-made project along with other questions.

Seeing a classical game like Digimon World 1 brought back and revived is rather exciting to see be done. The team also have provided some pictures you can see down below to see how much they’ve expanded and changed on it.

The dev team grew up enjoying the Digimon World 1 on the PS1 as kids or liked the television series back in the old days.  They want to recreate those feelings they had as children to the future generation and beyond that they felt playing Digimon World 1. Only this time, it’ll be a much larger world and more content to be added to it.

One person on the team feel that each Digimon World title was unuqie in its own way, but especially 1 and 2 were their influences as a child.

Project Ark has been around for many years(7 years) in which it started off as a group of students who met online that shared their love for the Digimon video game series and to create their own PC Digimon World video game. The game originally had started off as a spirte-based game.

They plan to recreate Digimon World 1 in its entire form and improve upon it in every way possible. This game will have its own original story that is involved around the seven demon lords of the Digimon universe. It’ll be spread across 4-5 islands alongside the human world as well. Digimon World 1 was just one small island.

They do plan over the course possibly add more content in the game as it’s finally released and out to the public. They’re currently seeking copyright permission, and if they don’t get the permission needed they’d create a spirital successor to the original Digimon World 1 instead. They plan to release a dev kit to allow other devs to use the resources they’ve used over the years as well.

The upcoming demo will feature one of 4-5 islands planned for the game. We’ll be starting off in Bios Island in the playable demo which is home to Bios Bay, an old port town, and their version of File City. There’ll be interesting zones from underground tunnels to crystal caves. Along with that they want to add raising and care mechanics, as well as digivolving and basic battles.

If anyone’s interested in helping out with Project Ark you can contact them at [email protected] in which you can send previous work and questions their way.

Project Ark is looking to head it’s way onto PC, not the PS1.

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