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The Lost running in Fallout 76
Screenshot by Gameskinny

Fallout 76 Skyline Valley Introduced the Scariest Ghoul Variant Yet

Fallout 76 has featured many impressive enemies, but its latest addition is the scariest yet.

Fallout 76 took the franchise to the next level by allowing you to create a custom story you could play with friends. But as Fallout 76 expands with the Skyline Valley expansion, you can explore a whole new area filled with the mysteries of Vault 63 and the scariest ghoul variants ever seen in the series: the Lost.

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What Are the Lost in Fallout 76?

Fans of Fallout are no strangers to Ghouls and the threats they present. While there are some irradiated humans who managed to maintain their humanity, some grew feral and acted as incredibly powerful and irradiated zombies. Some Ghouls could even glow, while others acted as survivors in the Wasteland, like the fan-favorite Ghoul from the Fallout TV series. But the Lost is a variant that captures the scariest aspects of the human sub-species.

Vault 63 is no different from the many other Vault-Tec vaults in that it was actually a cover for those who ran it to conduct sick experiments. In the case of Vault 63, it was used to create a weather machine. As a result, many key components found in other vaults faltered in Vault 63. When the bombs dropped, radiation leaked into the vault, causing individuals to become Feral Ghouls.

To try and reverse the effects of Feral Ghouls, it was revealed that the vault’s weather machine could reverse feralization. However, this came at the cost of those affected losing their senses and becoming increasingly aggressive. Able to discharge lightning, the Lost also dealt with constant pain that made them relentless, intelligent, and utterly terrifying.

How the Lost Differ From Other Fallout Ghouls

Scavenger ghoul.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

If Ghouls are intelligent in Fallout, they rarely have violent tendencies, at least no more violent than any raider surviving the Wasteland. However, if they are feral, they are effectively monsters like the trogs and only speak through violence. In the case of the Lost, what makes them different from other Ghouls is a new type of intensity that veteran Fallout fans couldn’t expect.

The Lost, while very pack-oriented, are capable of using weapons and work to protect Vault 63. Their minds may be fractured, but they are very aware of their mission, and their actions make them as tactical as a raider but as strong as a Feral Ghoul. That said, there’s no particularly unique way to kill them. Instead, good old-fashioned firearms and blunt objects are the way to go. Considering some of the Lost may be armored as well, it means precision aiming will be necessary. Visually, there’s a fear factor with the Lost; their charred heads and glowing eyes make them unsightly, to begin with, and Fallout has never been a stranger to the occasional jump scare.

The Lost Could Change Fallout’s Future in a Big Way

The Fallout franchise is all about growth and evolution, which is ironic for a game about rebuilding a civilization that was once lost. However, this can mean the same for the threats in the game as well. With the addition of the Lost, it has been proven that Ghouls are susceptible to changes that not only alter their appearance but also their capabilities. Now, they can discharge lighting, but who’s to say they couldn’t gain some trog-like attributes or even be combined with a Super Mutant? Essentially, what was considered impossible in the past no longer applies, and Fallout 76 could be the start. With new areas of the country being expanded, who knows the wonders and dangers that are in store?

Even still, the Lost is only a teaser of how the Fallout world could change in the coming years. We could eventually explore even more Vaults that introduce new enemy types or civilizations that thrive, whether it be a society of Ghouls or humans that actually reclaimed more land than any other. Anything is possible in Fallout 76, and the Lost show just how scary the games can be while also showcasing the possibility for a more positive outcome. In the meantime, we will still be forced to contend with lightning-shooting Ghouls that look as scary as they sound and are even tougher to kill than the average irradiated person in the Wasteland.

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