FamiliarGameJam Mashes Together 90’s Movies With Indie Games

Relive some 90s movie madness with these indie gamejam entries.

Relive some 90s movie madness with these indie gamejam entries.

The theme for FamiliarGameJam4 is simple: “make a game inspired by a 90’s movie”. But due to copyright restrictions no trademarked titles, logos or characters could be used, leading to some rather amusing games.


You’re an iceberg in love with a woman called Rose. You desperately want to meet her so you need to eat ice and grow big and strong to stop her ship as she sails by. But some man called Jack also sends his minions to destroy you and keep Rose all to himself.

 It’s an epic tale of love, the high seas and penguins wearing jetpacks. Play Ice-Tanic in your browser. If you’re terrible at it, like me, you too can get Leonardo DiCaprio flip you the bird.


Don’t start the game if you don’t want to play to the end. Roll the dice, each new roll will throw you into a battle for your life. Sound familiar? This is a neat little game made in memory of Robin Williams and his 90’s classic Jumanji.

Jumanjam has a variety of levels to challenge you and up to three other players. This is definitely a game that would shine in multiplayer. Download Jumanjam for free.

Mission Improbable

I like this game because its title is accurate; the game’s developer says outright that you’re quite unlikely to ever win this little shooter. But don’t let that stop you from trying as it’s quite a riot. Avoid the lasers, shoot the guards, find your missing friend, all to some rather snappy (and vaguely familiar) music. 

Mission Improbable supports co-op play with keyboard and gamepad. You can play it online.


Some maniac has put a bomb on a bus full of hostages! Keep the bus above 50km/h while navigating busy city streets and attempting to safely drop off hostages.

This is a lot trickier than it sounds. There’s lots of vehicles to get in your way and tight turns to slow down your bus full of innocent bystanders. The graphics are also oddly cute. You can play Speedifen online or download for free.

But wait, there’s more!

These are just a sample of the 33 games made during the 48 hour FamiliarGameJam 4 2015. Go check ’em out and vote for your favourite. Voting closes in two days! Maybe Dance Dance with Wolves is more your style? Or Jurassic Pork? There’s sure to be something to bring a few minutes of happy nostagla into your day.

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