Fan Creates Epic Star Wars: Tie Fighter Fan Film

A Short Time Ago, On a YouTube Channel Not That Far Away...

A Short Time Ago, On a YouTube Channel Not That Far Away...
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Just in time for the re-release of Star Wars: Tie Fighter Special Edition on, Star Wars fan and artist Paul Johnson‘s has created a spellbinding fan film. Created over the past four years, using both traditional and rotoscope animation, it is just amazing to see in action. Johnson not only took inspiration from the game’s setting, but implemented every internal element and visual he could from the original Tie Fighter game.

The attention to detail goes beyond that, re-incorporating all the right sound effects from the games as well, and all sorts of little details only a true Star Wars fan would catch. Everything is in its right place, from the Interdictor Star Destroyer to Auberesh text displaying on each pilot’s HUD. The fighter craft behave just right, the characters are all wearing the right uniforms, the interior environments are just like in the films, and detailed destruction… the amount of love and care here is astounding. To go along with the film, Johnson has also created poster art:

Johnson also has posted multiple behind the scenes slides, including character biographies and moments where he points out some of the insane details in this thing. You can also listen to the music, composed by Zakir Rahman, on SoundCloud.

Enjoy the film? Wish there was a Star Wars: Tie Fighter remaster in the works? Share your thoughts below in comments!

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