Fan-made Mega Evolutions We Wish Existed

Nintendo has given us a fair selection of mega evolutions, but some of us find them lacking. Here are a few fan made ones we wish existed!

Nintendo has given us a fair selection of mega evolutions, but some of us find them lacking. Here are a few fan made ones we wish existed!
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Mega evolutions were a new addition in Pokémon X and Y that added a new dynamic to battles - especially competitive ones.

Despite the addition of more mega evolutions in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, many fans are left yearning for more (or better) versions of their favorite Pokémon. Some enterprising artists have even designed their own. Though sometimes the results are funky and hilarious, other times the artists create something worthy of being a Pokémon.

Here are some fan-made mega evolutions we wish existed.

Mega Ninetales by Mearii-chi

Mega Ninetales is a dual fairy-fire type with the ability Solar Power, which boosts Sp. Attack but lowers HP in sunshine. The creator did note that the use of Drought as Ninetales' initial, un-evolved ability would create a situation in which the mega evolution is terribly overpowered for five turns, assuming the other team has no counters to weather-based setups.

There are some flaws in the changes in game mechanics it might cause, though if Nintendo were ever to create a Mega Ninetales, this would most likely be avoided. In such a form, Ninetales is even more reminiscent of a kitsune, a Shinto fox spirit. Since it is so fitting, why is this not a thing?

Mega Golem by Dragonith

Mega Golem is a rock and fire dual type, and certainly evokes images of magma with its coloring. The Pokémon has a new ability in its mega form, called Big Bang, which causes Mega Golem to detonate upon fainting. Dragonith, the creator, does not explain this ability further, but perhaps it is a bit like the ability aftermath, or like the move Explosion?

(Update: Dragonith has told me Big Bang functions like the move Self-Destruct)

The only Pokémon that currently has this type combination is Magcargo, but this Pokémon is relatively low tier competitively and another option, such as Mega Golem, would be a boon. Plus, exploding Pokémon (especially Wailords) are fun, right? (Except when it is that shiny Geodude self-destructing before you can catch it, then it is no fun.)

Mega Dewgong by Viviaren

Mega Dewgong retains its water and ice typing in this mega evolution, but gains the ability Synchronize, which passes on burns, poison and paralysis to one opposing Pokémon, assuming it does not have an immunity to the status effect. This ability is common in psychic Pokémon, and the addition of the pearl-like orbs all over Dewgong certainly makes one wonder if Mega Dewgong is more Sp. Attack oriented.

However, would hefting around those pearls slow Mega Dewgong down? I cannot say the design is entirely practical, though Pokémon generally do not mega evolve without the help of a trainer, so I do not think it would be an issue in the wild.

Mega Zapdos by Phatmon66

I am not sure what type Mega Zapdos is, but for now we can assume it retains its original typing. However, it does gain the ability Plasma Gale. Apparently it is merely another version of Drizzle, which causes it to rain on the battlefield for 5 turns.

I don't think the addition of an ability with the same effect as Drizzle is necessary. But there is the capability to spam thunder! And, admittedly, Mega Zapdos looks pretty cool.

Mega Jirachi by Deltheor

Mega Jirachi is a mysterious creature that the artist has not really told us much about. We do not know if its type has changed, if it has a new ability, or how its stats have changed. So really we are all left to imagine what Mega Jirachi would be. Psychic/Fairy type, maybe?

While the lack of information is certainly daunting, Deltheor's vision of a Mega Jirachi does the Pokémon justice. Mega evolution generally makes a Pokémon stronger (though stat drops are possible) so it is only fitting that Jirachi uses its third, or "true" eye.

Mega Lumineon by Smiley-Fakemon

Smiley-Fakemon's Mega Lumineon gains the poison type upon mega evolving, as well as the ability Poison Touch, which grants a 30% chance of poisoning an enemy upon direct contact.

Mega Lumineon is based off of venomous lionfish, and is decidedly better looking, if not entirely more awesome than Lumineon's design. I never thought I would say I actually liked a Lumineon, but I would definitely use this Pokémon mega evolution if it existed. 

Mega Cofagrigus by pokeluka

Like Mega Jirachi, little is known about pokeluka's Mega Cofagrigus, except that it is a dual ghost fighting type, which would be a unique type combination. Given that there are few ghost Pokémon, and even fewer ghost mega evolutions, this addition (if it existed) would make some changes in Cofagrigus' competitive tier. With its new typing, it might even shift tiers.

Though by all accounts Cofagrigus seems like a Pokémon that might not have a solid body (just a mass of empty bandages and a fog of black, spindly hands), this is an intriguing sort of interpretation of what the Pokémon might look like outside of its sarcophagus.

Good fan-made mega evolutions can be hard to come by, but when you do, it is hard not to admire the talent of the artists involved and the thought they put into their work.

However, in my opinion, not all Pokémon should have mega evolutions. Though we may wish more existed (and more probably should exist), in some cases it over-complicates things for new trainers, and many Pokémon are already viable choices on their own. By all means, give weak final evolutions (or Pokémon that do not evolve at all) a mega evolution to boost their power and get them more involved at the competitive level.

Nevertheless, we should be careful what we wish for, lest we end up with less variety in Pokémon strength levels, or more mega evolutions that resemble Mega Camerupt. To be frank, Mega Camerupt looks like a Roomba, or some deranged alpaca.

Enjoy these interpretations, as in time, Game Freak and Nintendo will likely implement their own versions of some of these mega evolutions. Let us pray for Mega Lucarios and not Mega Camerupts.