Fashion Forward: The Best Dresspheres of Final Fantasy X-2

The dressphere system was made for utility, but some of those costumes look amazing. In celebration of the re-release of Final Fantasy X-II, we picked the top five to ogle at.
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As most fans of Final Fantasy X-2 know, the remastered HD version hit shelves this week. Love it or hate it, the dressphere and grid battle system was an interesting innovation unique to FF X-2.

While the dresspheres are supposedly for utility, let's face it, some of them just look bad ass. So today we celebrate the best dresspheres of Final Fantasy X-II. Not the most useful - we could debate that for hours - but the best looking. Or at least, the forms that Payne looks least awkward in. 

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The Black Mage dressphere manages to look good on all three Gullwings, and cover up the majority of Rikku's skin. I love the accessories - pointy shoes and all, but I really wish the creators had never heard of flare pants. Poor Paine. 

The Gun Mage might not be the prettiest or most useful of all the dresspheres, but it's one that each lady is able to pull off equally well. Paine is actually showing a bit of midriff, and the pants and boob window actually work really well for this outfit. 

If you can just imagine what these ladies would look like without the hats, these are some pretty great outfits. Yuna's sword is absolutely stellar, and Rikku's Samurai hair looks amazing. Paine's outfit is... something else, but come on, Samurai's are cool so we had to include this in the list. 

The Dark Knight dressphere is one of the more useful dresspheres, and also the best looking. Rikku, Yuna, and Paine all manage to have slightly different looks while channeling their inner darkness. You would not want to mess with anyone dressed like this, and you also might develop an immediate crush. 

This is one of the sexier dresspheres, which makes me sad that I absolutely never use it. I would also love to know how someone convinced Paine to show to much skin, and what kind of revenge she is going to take upon them. 

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