Fear Not, Your Prophet has Arrived

It is not by coincidence, but by fate that I am here for this opportunity.

It is not by coincidence, but by fate that I am here for this opportunity.

Hark, peasants!

The gods smile upon you this day, for I have come to enforce their divine command.

Over the decades I have travelled through time and space, spanning hundreds worlds, killing thousands of foes, while saving countless lives along the way. My words strike fear into my enemies, with a thunderous power of ten thousand men, and my blade strikes with unmatched precision. I act without fear and without remorse. I am a force of incredible power.

I am the hero that you have been dreaming about from the beginning of your very existence. The prophecies hath foretold of one who would bring you news from faraway lands, about legends and events one could only imagine of. I have come to rid your weary minds of that stress and turmoil of the unknown. You will no longer be left in the dark about this mythical entity known as Sony Online Entertainment. I will illuminate you all on the beasts you can only assume have been myths until now. I will bring you the truth about the dragons!

Only those chosen by forces much greater then we can become correspondents of the Dragons Prophet, which is why I offer my words along with my sword and urge you to pray to them that I may be the one they bestow the great honor upon, so that I can live out my destiny. If you have doubts about my prowess, I can do nothing right now but promise you this one thing.

I will not fail you.

I am the one you will come to know as Dragons prophet correspondent, it has been written in the stars. I can feel it

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