FFXIV The Video Cast Episode 1: Introduction

The introductory episode of FFXIV TVC.
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On Friday I put the finishing touches on my new series FFXIV TVC. The first episode is set up to just be an introduction to the series so it’s rather short. I just basically do a short video onn Arcanist to kick things off.

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Planned Content

Low Level Stuff

I started a new character to do the low level content recording. I mostly just wanted to try out the mages as a controller player to see how I handle it. So as I level my Arcanist I’ll add in some footage from that, but I won’t record the mass grind. As far as current content I want to focus on dungeons, trials, and guildhests.

Most of my low level content will be recorded on my Arcanist.


High Level Stuff

On my main I have several level 50s so I will be focussing more on end game footage with this character. I plan to get shots from both my Warrior and my Dragoon so that I can show a tank and a DPS perspective. As I mention in the video, episode two will be footage from a Castrum Meridianum run I did with friends last week.

I have finally downed Titan, so expect awesome Titan videos once I get that on farm.

What Do You Want To See?

So for my planned content it’s mostly just the things I would want if I were watching and not recording. I want to know what content other people are interested in seeing. I suspect people would like to see Garuda, Titan, and Coil all of which are planned. What random content would you like to see? Maybe Odin or Behemoth? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to my list of planned content.

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