FFXIV TVC Episode 2 Live Letter 9 And Copperbell Mines

Episode 2 of my FFXIV TVC is out. I go into the Live Letter and my current happenings.
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Today I released the second episode of my FFXIV The Video Cast. I had initially planned to release this episode last week, but due to technical difficulties and changes it’s now a bi-weekly show. This week I briefly recapped the Live Letter 9 from Saturday as well as updates on my own progress. All this is done while showing scenes from Copperbell Mines.

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As far as news: with upcoming patches new gear that will be the official AF2 gear will be implemented. It turns out the Mythology gear was not the AF2 set like we all thought it was. Also, housing is being released in 2.1 and airship crafting is coming out next year sometime. I have no clue what the airships will be used for but they are scheduled for sometime between 2.2 and 2.3 patches.

Here is the Bard AF2 concept art.

As I posted in my last write-up I cleared Titan, I have since +1’d my Relic Weapon and cleared Coil Turn 1. Turn 1 has some weird mechanics, but it’s a fun fight. We played around a bit in Turn 2 afterwards though but did not clear it. Turn 1 dropped Bard wrists and Dragoon pants – I was the lucky recipient of the pants.

Here is the Dragoon gear, I’m not sure if that’s a spear on the left side though.

The rest of the video is just a bit of Copperbell Mines gameplay. I jumped on Gladiator for a bit of fun and easy experience. As you can see in the video it runs pretty smoothly so there wasn’t a whole lot to mention about that.

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