Looking at some of the post game options available to you after you've completed the main game.

Final Fantasy 15 – The (Open) End of the Road (SPOILERS)

Looking at some of the post game options available to you after you've completed the main game.
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

So you’ve clocked in at about 40 to 60 hours in Final Fantasy 15 (that extra 20 because you actually wanted to savor the game a bit), and you’ve slain the evil wizard Ardyn that murdered your next to non-existent girlfriend. Great job! Now here’s a thought for you though; did you really take advantage of the open world that was provided for you in this title? Well to justify my launch day purchase of $60.00 plus tax, I went back in to see exactly how much I missed during my first playthrough.

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Please note that this playthrough is a continuation of my initial playthrough and not a New Game+ (which I feel doesn’t offer much currently). There are SPOILERS abound so approach this article like you would a tonberry; with caution.

Now, what’s left for you to do? Well you can call up Umbra and have him take you to past Lucis or Altissa and poke around there for a bit. In a rush to get the story done and talk to the in game model of Hillary Clinton, I completely over looked the hunts that could be done in this particular town.

Speaking of politicians, I decided that I would spend my post game on a campaign to complete the hunts in every town for every dinner that offered one. I dubbed the campaign “Make Eos Safe Again.” During this campaign I hunted down and re-killed the demonic spirit of General Glauca/Titus Drautos from the Kingsglaive movie. His eternal butthurt brings him back as the ronin demon Ayakashi! Check out the movie if you haven’t for the tie in material.

(Also, how do you hold two full time jobs like that? Being the captain of a royal protective service and the general of an entire army for the opposition?!)

After hunting down various natural and demonic threats, that I wish had more of a backstory to them, I found myself looking for yet another task to complete. So during a chat party roasting session I was having with some of my buds on PSN, one of them told me to go see the elderly woman in the hunter outpost up in the northwest region of the map.

I found that there’s an elderly woman there that gives out a series of the “Menace Beneath” quests. I have to say these are very engaging (if not a bit redundant, but what RPG isn’t) and a great way to spend your post game.

(I came because I heard you were giving out peppermint candies)

Of course, I used a few of these deep dungeons to help boost my level up to the cap, which is currently level 99. I did this by never spending the night at a campsite and just pushing through the dungeon. After that I would go and spend the night in either Gauldin Quay or Altissia. Gauldin yields 2 times the experience when you kick it there for the night for the price of 10,000 Gil, then if you speak to the lobby attendant on the right in Altissia’s hotel your experience will be multiplied by 3 (now I know why bankers love the idea of compound interest) — of course that’s at the price of 30,000 Gil; not a cheap stay. Cool thing is you can get your Gil up by doing all of those aforementioned hunts.

(AMEX, it’s everywhere you want to be except in the game where it’s advertised)

I just finished the download for the Moogle/Chocobo Festival, and as of now I don’t really plan on experiencing it. What I would much rather see is a Mass Effect esque style alternative ending. The developers have already promised a chapter 13 with a different feel, and a bit of a faster pace. The current one feels like someone that REALLY wanted a shot at survival horror, but got hired at Square Enix instead of Capcom.

(They literally picked this guy up off the cutting room floor)

However, I plan to go to the secret dungeon over by the Rock of Ravatogh to get a special hood that’ll help me avoid a lot of hits. I also, need to find those rainbow frogs and grind AP until I get enough to purchase the abilities on the ascension grind — that are 333 AP and up.

Also, you can do quests for a guy in Lestallum who forges powerful weapons and will pit you against a level 120 demon. Prepare to be the worlds biggest doping addict when it comes to that fight in particular.

Aside from that I’ve gotten a 97% completion rate on the game, and roughly about 127 hours counted since launch. Hopefully future DLC will feature a fist fight between Gladiolus and Prompto for straight moshing him in the face that one time up on the train. Until then, I’ll be playing the deep dungeons and getting my AP up!

What are you doing in Final Fantasy 15 right now? Have you 100 percented? Are you heading into New Game+? Let me know in the comments below!

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