Final Fantasy Tactics – A Fan’s Perspective

A personal look at a game considered a cult classic.

I was never a fan of the Final Fantasy series. An opinion that causes some controversy in certain circles, but after talking with my friend, Marty, maybe my opinion can be swayed.

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Can you give me a little introduction about yourself.

“I’m just a guy with a penchant for digital entertainment.”

What are your gaming experiences. How long have you been playing games?

“I’ve been playing games ever since I had the motor skills to reasonably operate a controller.  When I first started, not having any idea of the possibilities of what’s out there, nor having developed any specific tastes, I tried to get my hands on whatever I could. Anything new was always extremely exciting (a feeling, sadly, I rarely get nowadays…), despite its quality. But, before I knew it, the JRPG had constricted me with its… tendrils.”

What would you say is your all-time favorite game?

“There are a lot of games on my list that would be tied for 1st place, because they’re all special in their own way… but, I have to say, Final Fantasy Tactics takes it by barely inching ahead of the rest.”

 What’s it about? What makes it different from other Final Fantasy games?

“The storyline involves a lot of political intrigue, conspiracies, and ideologies, which makes it difficult to give a brief summary of. When I first played it, the intricate story and its weighty themes went way over my head, but, even with its fantastical setting, the serious tone still came through. I could tell that whatever was happening was significant. Also, if you weren’t careful, you could permanently lose important characters. Having to deal with pretty severe consequences for making poor decisions made this game very impactful to me as a kid. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”

 Why is it your favorite?

“It holds up. After all these years it’s still a great game that I can easily jump back into, and spend hours upon hours with. The complementary art direction and music, along with the chess-like battle system pretty much make this a timeless gem for me.”

Would you recommend Tactics to someone who’s not a fan of previous Final Fantasy games?


Maybe I will play it… if I have the time. Maybe.

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