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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD: The Perfect Introduction for Final Fantasy Noobs

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster available for the PS3 and Playstation Vita, gives players the quintessential Final Fantasy feel; making it the most accessible Final Fantasy game on the market.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

With the March 18 release of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, many gamers returned to the worlds of Zanarkand and Spira this week. While the target audience of this game is most likely nostalgic gamers that played Final Fantasy X or X-2 in younger days, it holds the possibility to introduce new players to a classic game. 

While few (to my knowledge) Final Fantasy players cite Final Fantasy X as their favorite game of the series, it is the most accessible game for new players. As the first Final Fantasy game made for the Playstation 2, Final Fantasy X contains many innovations while retaining the quintessential Final Fantasy spirit.

With the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for PS3 and Playstation Vita, this game is more accessible than ever. Follow along for more reasons why you should give this game, and Final Fantasy in general, a try!

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One of the main reasons that this game remains more accessible to new players is the quality of graphics (do yourself a favor and set the above video to 720 HD). At the time of its release, the graphics of Final Fantasy X were top notch. No longer did we have to remind ourselves that the blocky thing on screen was actually our player character!

While the HD remaster won't hold up to current level graphics, it is much easier on the eyes than previous games. All the on-screen characters actually look human, and the FMV scenes are still very pleasant to look out. Plus, how could anyone not enjoy Tidus's beautiful flowing golden locks? 

One work: Blitzball. Final Fantasy games are known for their ridiculous mini-games whether it be Chocobo Hot and Cold, Triple Triad, or Tetra Master. Final Fantasy X introduces players to one of the most popular mini-games in the form of Blitzball. 

Think of Blitzball like a combination between soccer and quidditch that happens in a water filled sphere. It's much harder than "just get the ball in the goal" as it requires strategic decisions regarding character stats, hiring new players, and leveling up. So, sports with an RPG twist. 

Most Final Fantasy games have far more to offer than the initial linear story, and Blitzball is definitely a great way to get new players into exploring everything Final Fantasy X has to offer. Just don't expect to win your first game. 

Get excited for turn-based gaming! What? That's not cool anymore? Fine. Final Fantasy X/X-2 does feature the antiquated system of turn-based gaming. However, it adds enough innovation that it's not as completely boring as previous games. 

First of all, you're able to switch characters in and out of battle. This mixes up combat and keeps things interesting as you have to find the best player combinations/switches for bosses and monsters. Also it means that your characters are able to level at the same rate (for the most part). 

Also, the sphere-grid for leveling up allows players more autonomy to decide how to shape the in-game characters. It's common in current RPG's to give near complete control over a player's party, and in the world of Final Fantasy this is the closest you'll get to that mechanic. 

What fun are silent protagonists? Hint: The correct answer is none. Final Fantasy X was the first Final Fantasy game featuring voice-acting. While the quality for some of the characters is debatable (Wakka's accent is a finally being able to put a voice with a face was a tremendous feat. 

Since voice-acting has become common place practice, this game won't throw you off your groove by making you read dialogue. In this HD Remaster collection, the audio has been cleaned up and improved just like the graphics, for your auditory pleasure.

Just wait until you get to the scene where Tidus tries to laugh - his laugh is worse than Kimhari's smile. 

In addition to all the mechanical benefits, Final Fantasy X has a fresh story. Tidus has none of the sullenness associated with more famous Final Fantasy heroes such as Cloud Strife or Squall Leonhart making him a more identifiable character for the average gamer. At least I hope the average gamer is more like Tidus than Cloud...

If Tidus is a different kind of protagonist, then the game also offers us a new type of villain: Sin. In the world of Spira, Sin is a natural force that is drawn to destroy large human dwellings. Somewhat like a sentient tornado.

Even after it is defeated, Sin always re-spawns. The time after it is defeated and before it re-spawns is called the Calm, and those 10 years are what summoners are willing to give their lives for. It is a step away from the more maniacal villains, which shifts the overall dynamic of the story, adding more complexity and depth.  

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