Five Android Games to Help You Get Through Thanksgiving

Here are five [Android] games you can play under the Thanksgiving table.

Having a hard time hanging out with the family over the Thanksgiving holiday? Or just looking for some great Android games to play with your little sister or brother while the turkey is cooking? Here are some great Android games to get you through the holidays without breaking the bank. 

1. Spell Tower (Free*)

Spell Tower is a beautiful little game with lots of different modes to keep your attention. If you like word games, then Spell Tower is for you. Create longer and longer words, beat your own high score or the clock. Like boggle, for the jet set. 

And, you can get it as part of the Humble Android Bundle, available now. 

*Part of the Humble Bundle, so you can pay what you'd like. 

2. Desert Bus (Pay What You'd Like*)

You will never encounter a more factual driving simulator than Desert Bus. This game features a real-time simulation of the drive between Tuscon to Vegas at the speed limit for the time the game was initially created: 45 mph. 

This cult classic was originally part of the Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors unreleased video game and is really a must play. It also a part of the Humble Android Bundle

*Part of the Humble Bundle, but you must pay over the average to get this game. 

3. Angry Birds Star Wars  (Free)

Yes, it's one of the most popular mobile franchises of all time, but there is a reason the hyper-addictive Angry Birds has left it's distinctive mark on the mobile world. Angry Birds Star Wars is a noble addition to the much beloved series. 

Effectively a puzzle game, Angry Birds gets you hooked with the idea of "just one more level." And with a Star Wars theme, this game is definitely a winner. 

You can buy this in the Google Play store

4: Ridiculous Fishing (Pay What You'd Like*)

Ridiculous Fishing, an offering from indie darling Vlambeer, is the only fishing game you'll ever need. Fish for all kinds of unique creatures, then shoot them out of the sky. Upgrade every part of your boat, gun and fisherman. 

You can pick up this game as part of the Humble Bundle.

*This is part of the Humble Bundle, so you must pay over the average to get this game. 

5. Canabalt HD ($2.99)

This deceptively simple endless runner lets you feel like an action star running across roof tops, through buildings and along cranes. Until, of course, you slide headlong into a glass pane. 

Simple but addictive, Canabalt is available in the Google Play store.