Five Games to Brighten the PS4’s Future

The PS4 launch lineup was a little stale, but the future holds greatness, just within our reach. Here are five upcoming games to be excited for in the next-gen.
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The PlayStation 4 has finally arrived at our doorsteps and gamers across the world could not be more ecstatic with the next-gen console. Unfortunately, the launch line-up could have definitely used some work. While the games we have for the PS4 now aren't terrible, there is so much more to come that looks bright and promising.

This week we will take a look at five upcoming PlayStation 4 games releasing between 2014 – 2015. You’ve probably heard of the majority of these but there is always the possibility of finding a hidden diamond buried in the rough. On to the greatness we go.

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Bungie’s first adventure onto a Sony platform comes in the form of this first-person shooter, Destiny. The upcoming title promises large expansive worlds to explore, role-playing elements to master, and exciting combat to keep you and your friends coming back for more. To some it looks a little too similar to Halo, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing.

Bungie is working hard to ensure the world of Destiny feels “alive.” Various events will occur which will be out of the control of the development team, these will allow for a dynamic setting and experience for the player. The game will feature MMO elements that could lead to an addicting foundation. Bungie has avoided calling Destiny an MMO; instead they are referring to the game as a “shared-world shooter.”

Set seven hundred years into the future in a post-apocalyptic world, the player will take on the role of a human, cast into a world full of exploration and technological advancement. Guns and special abilities abound as you use any means to protect the human race from extinction.

Dying Light:

Who says we have enough zombie-related games out today? Not I. Dying Light, from the developers of the Dead Island series, promises to bring back those brain-munching undead beings in a new light. This time around the player will have the experience of a parkour master, leaping and climbing up buildings while avoiding the chattering jaws of the dead.

Dying Light will borrow features from Dead Island, specifically the zombies, open world, and the craftable weapons that seem to be just as unique. The first gameplay fans got to see included an electrified machete wielded by the player with devastating effect. You will need your skills with these weapons and the environment to survive. The undead in Dying Light seem to be more vicious and bloodthirsty than in Dead Island.

If you think things are bad during the daytime, just wait until the sun sets and the darkness envelopes the world. Once nighttime falls everything hits the fan, the zombies become far more aggressive and uncaring, they will tear you to shreds for fun. Predators will make an appearance after sundown, these “special” zombies will prove to be terrifying opponents.

The Division:

The Division may be the most exciting upcoming game shown off for the PlayStation 4. Ubisoft Massive is keeping this post-apocalyptic shooter tight against its chest, unfortunately. The development team has decided it would be better for the player to experience the game first hand rather than having details leaked and ruining the experience.

The Division will feature a massive representation of New York City where a disease has spread on Black Friday, causing the United States to collapse within give days. A group known as the “Strategic Homeland Division (SHD”, called “The Division” for short has been secured a foothold in the city to combat any threat and “save what remains.”

The game will feature a massively multiplayer online world where the player will work with and face off against friends, AI, and other players. You will need to work together in many cases in order to survive the torn apart world. The gameplay we’ve seen so far showed a small group facing off against AI at a police station in an attempt to find survivors and supplies.


I personally can never get enough of the survival horror genre, no doubt it has gone downhill in recent years, but the indie scene is working hard to bring it back in full force. Daylight is one such game, coming from Zombie Studios, the folks behind Blacklight: Retribution, this scare-fest will surely get your blood pumping in a dark room on the PS4.

Players will take on a first person perspective without access to weaponry or very many tools at all. The one thing you will receive is a cell phone, your sole light source throughout the haunted experience. And what an experience it shall be! Zombie is promising a procedurally generated world, something survival horror games are not doing enough. Each playthrough will be different as you re-explore the world in the shadows.

There has been little revealed about the scares in Daylight. From the looks of gameplay so far it seems to be purely psychological horror, instead of the jump scares coming from monsters a la Outlast. That’s not a bad thing at all, the mind can be a terrifying friend.

Human Element:

This one has to be the one title I am most excited for. A zombie game done differently. Human Element, in development by Robotoki, is less about the zombies in the apocalypse and more about the player and the humans encompassing the world. The game asks the question, “What is the greatest threat in a zombie apocalypse?” Robert Bowling believes the answer lies in the fear instilled in people thanks to the undead.

Human Element will allow players to create their character using class, identity, and persona. Classes will include action, intelligence, and stealth, unique ways for playing the game. Identity is where things get really fun, however. Players can choose to play as a solo adult, partnered adult, or an adult with a child. This will be the same as selecting a difficulty. The player will have to take care of someone other than himself or herself, bringing a whole new element into the zombie genre.

Human Element is still quite a mysterious project; we have not seen any in-game artwork or gameplay for the game. We have seen some promotional artwork so far; all of which is quite incredibly done. This is definitely one to watch.

These are just five upcoming games on the PlayStation 4. Make sure to follow GameSkinny to see another five coming next week. By the time we are done you will know about all the upcoming next-gen games and have the ability to brag to your friends. And, hopefully, you will know why the PS4 will be worth the expense.

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