Five IP’s Telltale should adopt

5 ideas of what Telltale should modify and adopt next!

Telltale Games have developed a reputation over the past few years of being a studio that can create a fantastic, non-canon narrative in universes that already exists. They started off with The Walking Dead, taking the world made by Robert Kirkman in his long running comic book series and creating a heart wrenching, jaw-dropping story. The Wolf Among Us came next, creating a thrilling plot in a world made known through the Fables comics. Tales from the Borderlands is another one they created, using the Borderlands universe as their inspiration. They’ve also adopted the incredibly popular TV series Game of Thrones and created a thrilling experience in Westeros, with characters and their voice actors from the TV series appearing regularly.

Telltale have announced their next major project will take place in one of the many Minecraft worlds and will be titled Minecraft: Story Mode. This is arguably their most ambitious narrative yet, as one of Minecraft’s main features is just that; it has no narrative. Everyone and their aunt is looking forward to Minecraft: Story Mode, but what could they produce afterwards?


The Fallout franchise has been ongoing since 1997 and has six installments in the series so far, with the seventh, Fallout 4, being recently announced. It has an incredible amount of lore and stories as the player character traditionally explores the post apocalyptic wasteland that the USA became.

Telltale have already shown they can take a fantastic game universe and create something just as good with Tales of the Borderlands and Fallout fans have been crying for anything Fallout related to feed their, until recently, starved addiction.

A Telltale game in the Fallout universe would likely take the same route as Tales from the Borderlands, with new characters and environments and a more lighthearted spin on things as the Fallout games are full of subtle and not quite so subtle humor.


It’s a damn shame the only Lost video game we’ve seen in the world is Lost: Via Domus as let’s be honest, it was an absolute stinker of a game. Damon Lindelof and JJ Abrams (creators of Lost) left a lot of unanswered questions and Telltale could do a good job of answering them while also creating a new story line on the Island.

I’m imagining it as perhaps the future of the island after Hurley and Ben were left to watch over it, as they supposedly lived out the rest of their lives there and we have no idea what happened. Or maybe it could take place before Oceanic Flight 815 crashed, maybe a non-canon story line in the past  with The Others. There’s a lot of unexplored territory and Telltale could do a stellar job with it.


This one might be a bit far-fetched, but Telltale could definitely take a slightly maturer route (than the anime) with a Pokemon game. It wouldn’t have to re-use any characters (except Pokemon of course), there could be an all new protagonist rather than Ash Ketchum and an entirely new region.

The Pokemon handheld video games have always traditionally featured battles, where you have a moveset of four along with items and the ability to switch your pokemon out or run away. Why can’t this be implemented into a Pokemon Adventure Point & Click game, as Telltale are known for? Telltale’s usual art style would look impressive too, with a Pikachu Thundershock or maybe Blastoise’s traditional Hydro Pump.

It would be a linear game like the others, but the outcome of various battles would decide different dialogue options, you’d have different choices like you usually do in Telltale games, e.g. whether to catch a certain Pokemon or not, which gym leader to fight, etc. Maybe it’s just my nostalgia for the original games talking; this could be an awful idea. Then again, I’m not a game developer!

Star Wars

This one should speak for itself really. Star Wars has so many stories, canon and non-canon and a huge universe that has so much left unexplored. New or old characters and locations, Telltale could do absolute wonders with the Star Wars universe. I’ll leave you guys to speculate about where exactly they could take it!

The Witcher

The Witcher is a long standing franchise, starting off as a series of Polish books before progressing into the well known video game alongside a film. It has so many characters and such a fantastic, fleshed out world that I can’t imagine a better game for Telltale to adopt.

The video games are classed as non-canon so this would be too, but there is so much land left unexplored that is mentioned but never visited in the games. Dol Blathanna, Mahakam, Zerrikania and Blaviken to name a few.

Maybe it’s just my love for the franchise talking, but I would love to see Geralt go on another adventure. Or maybe they could take a completely different spin and use Zoltan, Ciri, Yen, maybe even Dandelion as the protagonist? A scenario where Dandelion has to drop the lute and wield the sword he always sings about would be undoubtedly be entertaining and quite hilarious!

What do you guys think? Which of these do you think would work best as a Telltale game? What other IP’s should be considered? Let me know in the comments!