This one's not too bad for a mobile fangame. It's just not what you might expect.

Freddy’s Jumpscare Factory is Pretty Cool for Freddy’s on the Go

This one's not too bad for a mobile fangame. It's just not what you might expect.
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There are a ton of Five Nights at Freddy’s fangames and rip-offs on Google Play and iOS App Store these days, and most of them are just about as underwhelming as you might expect. 

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I came across Freddy’s Jumpscare Factory while browsing through the Android Market and decided to give it a try on a whim. What was the worst that could happen? Not much, and this particular fangame ended up being pretty fun.

The game lets you make your own animatronic, set up your own jumpscare animation and record your own screams. It’s pretty cool, especially because there are so many parts you can use to build your animatronic. 

Past just building your ideal animatronic is Quest Mode, which has you build specific animatronics based on the parts you have available. The higher level you are, the more parts there are available. It’s pretty fun!

I was really surprised by Freddy’s Jumpscare Factory; it’s definitely more unique than most of the other apps trying to cash in on the Five Nights at Freddy’s craze. It might not be spooky, but it’s the best app for taking your Freddy’s obsession on the go.

You can check it out on both Google Play and the iOS App Store. Get to it! Just don’t try to make Purple Guy.

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