From Bars to Battlegrounds

The homegrown heroine
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Valerie Trotwood was just another girl living in Divinity’s Reach,  getting by on tips working in her friend’s bar. Sure, her skills as a mesmer came in handy for when things got busy and were great for impromptu comedy performances, but she always felt as if she should be doing more. With all signs pointing away from the return of the gods and humanity’s territory growing smaller by the day, she was getting downright anxious to do some good. So when the skies over Shaemoor were filled with cries for help, Val didn’t hesitate to respond.

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Victory didn’t come easily, but with a liberal application of elbow grease and effort, Val and the local Seraph returned peace to the region. She was all the more surprised when the Queen’s personal guard and head of the Seraph, Logan Thackery, enlisted her aid in combatting threats to Kryta and beyond. Ms. Trotwood now fights horrors in all corners of the land for the future of Tyria, but still occasionally catches herself waxing nostalgic for a life once lived. A life spent listening to drunk farmers lament the lack of rain, of performing magic tricks for the neighborhood kids.

On the rare occasion Valerie has to relax, she occasionally spots another hero fighting for the same goal, but can’t help but feel a bit jealous. So often she’ll see them displaying their equipment with pride, shining with color, and brandishing trophies of grand hunts and hard-won battles. Poor Val can’t help but wander away, her armor nearly worn through in places, her armaments dulled and dented through constant use and little time for maintenance. But when the sky is ablaze with hellfire and the air is ringing with the sound of steel clashing against steel, Valerie Trotwood can always be found on the frontlines of war, never on the front steps of the Lion’s Arch bank.

  • Sorcerer’s Epaulets (Human T3)
  • Stately Chest
  • Stately Gloves
  • Priory Leggings
  • Acolyte Boots (PvP Seer)
  • Shoulders: Blood, Redemption, Midnight Sky
  • Chest: Country Teal, Blood, Redemption
  • Gloves: Redemption, Starry Night
  • Leggings: Midnight Sky, Redemption, Blood
  • Boots: Midnight Fire, Blood, Redemption

Parting Thoughts

I was going for a sort of understated flashiness, to go with the idea of an everyday girl who became a combat magician/illusionist, for lack of a better term. I also attempted to get a combination of warrior’s strength with feminine beauty, without it being overt. In any case, I had more fun doing this than I thought I would and look forward to any possible fashion contests in the future.

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