Gameplay Videos Have Become My Annoyance

Gameplay has dwindled in quality, and my annoyance has reached its tipping point.

You’ve all seen them. Gameplay videos of your favorite games, that are either coming out, or have been available for some time. They give you information about the games you’re interested in and then it helps you decide to get it or not. Sort of like a video review. 

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So Why Are They Annoying?

Recently I’ve been coming across way too many gameplay videos where the person showing us the game, has no clue how to play. Sure I’m appreciative of it all; the information and the reviews among other things. Yet, I’m tired of watching a video of someone trying to play a game, having no clue how to even do so.

The Experience Of Research.

Let’s say you’ve come across a game that you’re extremely excited about, then you do some research, and finally find a video that looks interesting. You start to watch it, and during your research, you learn that the game has amazing combat capabilities with combos included. In your video the person talks about it, or mentions it, and as you’re sitting there watching the video titled –insert random gaming title- combo system, you expect to see what it has to offer. But the person who is doing the gameplay video is so bad at trying to give you the information you’re looking for, that you are no longer interested in seeing it.

I mean, come on, how hard is it to press a sequence of buttons shown to you, and miss every command. How hard is it, to manipulate the camera to see what’s around you so you can get more information. It’s not very hard reviewers, it’s quite easy.

I’m tired of viewing gameplay from someone who doesn’t understand how the game mechanics work. Either that or they’re just hired from some random gaming company or website to go and record themselves playing the game, and give no real information on the game itself.

So my advice is, go learn the game and its mechanics, or find a purpose in the game that everyone wants to see before you even touch that recording device. Give me something to look forward to in the game. Don’t leave me with a distaste in my mouth about how horrible your information you gave me is. 

But keep in mind folks, I’m not bashing all gameplay videos. There are some great reviewers out there that know exactly what they are doing, and know just how to get to the information we look for. Those are the people that we should be striving to mimic so that we can give precise information. 

In short, my annoyance has reached a peak point. Let’s hope there are some better reviewers out there to redeem the gameplay videos I’ve seen. 

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