Gamer Gift Guide: For the PS4 Owner

Whether the PS4 is your lone wolf of gaming platforms, a favorite, or just one of many, I'm here to help you find the very best PS4 swag this holiday season. From the functional must-haves, to the fun for-the-heck-of-its and some that are just downright silly.

The Holidays are Coming...

Whether you're looking to spoil yourself, or a PlayStation gamer close to you, it's the time of year for stocking up on gaming gear. With the usual holiday season's avalanche of new games on it's way, here's a helping hand in getting any PlayStation obsessed gamer fully equipped to enjoy this and next year's offerings of exciting new titles.

PlayStation 4 Console

Rating: 4/5 (8,533 Customer Reviews)

Price: $399

Buy it: Amazon

The PS4 itself! Until some of the shadowy flash sales of Black Friday, and an official price drop, you won't be able to find a PS4 much cheaper than this. It must be hard to drop the price, on a console with such an intimidating sales record. On Amazon you can get the classy Glacier White PS4 bundled with Destiny for $449 and for a limited time even get the original black PS4 bundled with Battlefield 4 for $399. Not many of these gifts are going to be much fun without the console itself, make sure your recipient has the console first!

PlayStation 4 Camera

Rating: 4/5 (601 Customer Reviews)

Price: $43.98

Buy it: B&H

Are you streaming and want to show the world your beautiful face? Maybe you just want to order around your PS4 with your voice like some kind of living room dictator? Whatever the case may be, the PS4 camera has a wide array of features and will surely be used in more and more ways as the console evolves. With free shipping, this is a price that's a solid ten bucks less than anywhere else.

PlayStation 4 Camera Mount

Rating: 4/5 (15 Customer Reviews)

Price: $8.34

Buy itAmazon

 If you have a PS4 camera and you aren't fortunate enough to have a layout where it fits in easy, you might want a mount for it. Sure, you can just duct tape it on top of your TV but for just a few more dollars you can get a mount that will fit on nice and look a little better than than some MacGyver'd duct tape disaster.

The reviews are sparse and it goes in and out of stock on Amazon but it's a great price for something so simple and easy.

Controller Charging Base

Rating: 4.5/5 (549 Customer Reviews)

Price: $16.98

Buy it: Amazon

This is the charging station I use myself and it works great. The spring-action, as you set the controller into place or take it out, ensures that your plugging into the connectors straight-on with even pressure every time and not causing any damage to the controllers the base. There are all kinds of charging stations to choose from but most start at $20 and for the price, this one gets the job done and looks great when putting your controllers away.


PS4 Controller Button Shirt

Rating: 4.5/5 (12 Customer Reviews)

Price: $13.99

Buy it: Etsy

Simple and understated this t-shirt featuring the beloved PlayStation controller buttons will help any PS4 gamer proudly show their love for Sony. A lot has changed from one console generation to the next, but these four symbols are a timeless representation of PlayStation and always will be.



Tritton Kama Headset

Rating: 4/5 (81 Customer Reviews)

Price: $23.99

Buy it: ThinkGeek

Look no further for a simple and affordable PS4 headset. Customer reviews overwhelmingly show pleasant surprise at the quality of sound in these headphones, making them an ideal starter set for anyone that wants to begin using a headset with their PS4 and isn't ready to jump into the higher end peripherals. 

PS4 Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Rating: 4.5/5 (1,106 Customer Reviews)

Price: $99.95

Buy it: Amazon

Maybe the person you're thinking of already has a headset and you want to brighten up their holiday with an upgrade, maybe you really want to spoil them, or maybe you're just sick of hearing a warzone in your living room. In any case, this headset is a great choice and especially suited to any loved ones that are keeping you up at night with their PS4 use.

This first-party headset is wireless, simple to set up and comfortable--and all for under a hundred dollars. Between the sound quality, and custom equalizer settings for big games like Destiny, the feedback on this headset is excellent.

Axis 10-Feet Charging Cable

Rating: 3.5/5 (22 Customer Reviews)

Price: $5.65

Buy it: Amazon


No matter what type of PS4 gamer your gifting to this year, they're inevitably charging their controllers...a lot. Ease their troubles by extending their charging cable significantly so they can minimize switching out controllers and just charge while playing. 

Even if they already have a long cable, the connectors can bend and break easily if you're not careful. For such a low price, it never hurts to have an extra charging cable on hand. 

PS4 Games

Rating: Various

Price: $60 (with some variation for older releases and digital releases)

Buy it: Amazon has all the games you could want and with Prime will guarantee those new releases arrive on release day.

The most obvious, but also one of the priciest, gift options is the cornerstone of gaming--the games themselves! There's a lot to choose from and while the retail price sits at a firm $60 for newer releases, there's plenty to choose from in the ever-building library of PS4 disc-based and digital games. Just make sure you know what games your giftee has and doesn't have to avoid any duplicate blunders. When in doubt, your best bet is credit in the PlayStation Store so they can choose their purchases on their own. Which brings me right into the next item...

PlayStation Store Gift Card

Rating: 4.5/5 (7,728 Customer Reviews)

Price: Denominations of $10, $20, $50, $75 and $100

Buy it: Amazon

This is always a safe bet. As we all know, the easiest gift to receive is the one you get to choose yourself. With credit to the PlayStation Store in a wide variety of denominations, you can give the gift of choice this holiday season. The store not only has games, but movies and all manner of additional game content, ensuring they'll find something they really want.