Gamer Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Any Gamer Would Love

Get the Christmas Stockings ready with this list of stocking stuffers any gamer would enjoy!

It's November and you know what that means?

Christmas is right around the corner! No I didn't forget about Thanksgiving, I just happen to know that the holidays are right around the corner, which means the holiday shopping season is also upon us.

Those of you with Gamers on your shopping list know that it's best to shop early. The big presents will be taken care of by now but you know you need to fill up those stockings with gaming goodies.

I have just the list for those of you who are running low on ideas.

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Console Gift Cards

Price Range: $20 and up (can be pricey if you're looking to help them afford that digital game they've been talking about non-stop).

Place to Buy:

Whether the gamer in your life has a PS4, Xbox One, a Wii U, or a PC, these gift cards are simple way to give a gift but still allow them to buy what they want. Most start at $20 and go up depending on what you're looking at. These are simple gifts for those just needing to add a bit of weight to your Gamer's stocking.



Direct Download DLC Cards

Price Range: Anywhere from $15 - $60 depending on if it's a full game, whether it is a Season Pass chock full of DLC or if it is a stand alone DLC purchase.

Places To Buy: GameStop or Local Game Shops

For those who know what they want and have continued to talk your ear off about it. Local game stores carry these, and sometimes give receipt codes for the download. This saves room in the stocking for more goodies, like candy, or that robotic mini puppy they have been asking for since they were six.

Squid Grip

Price Range: $15 plus some tax and shipping. Not bad as it is the same price for each of the different controllers.

Place To Buy: Squid Grip

You ever heard the expression "bundling up for the winter"? Well why just give your gamer a pair of nice gloves when you can cover up their naked controller with some nice Squid Grips? Available for all the major consoles (except the Wii and Wii U), these grips are comfortable, improve hold on the controller and can endure long game sessions.

Also we don't need streaking controllers in the winter air. Shrinkage is a bad thing.

Pop! Figures

Price Range: $10-$20. These wont break the bank and look so darn cute. How could you resisit such adorable faces?

Places To Buy: AmazonThinkGeekJinx Search

Growing in popularity, these figure of your gamer's favorite characters is a no-brainer. These small figures can fit snugly inside the stocking with ease. You want to bring joy with the simplest means? Get two Pop! figures to start the gamer's collection and watch as they strive to make it grow!

Classic Console USB Controllers

Price Range: $15-20, stylish, functional and gives a free trip down memory lane. And what's a better gift than nostalgia?

Place to Buy: ThinkGeek 

Let's not forget the PC gamers in our life. They sure do game pretty hard on their keyboard and mouse, why not treat them to a classic gaming controller. You can pick from quite a few classic controllers, picking out their favorite one should be easy for you. The USB functional controllers resemble gamepads from consoles from the Atari to the GameCube and can allow the gamer to play in relaxation. These controllers can help play with the simpler PC titles. ones that may not have Macros, but this allows your PC gamer a chance to take a break from WoW for a bit.

Gaming Themed Coffee Mugs

Price Range: $10-$20 depending on site, cup size, and style.

Place to Buy: ThinkGeek 

Is your gamer a caffeine junkie? Do they crave the taste of coffee morning, noon and night? Coffee mugs of their favorite games or gaming references are a far better choice than your standard mug of coffee IV drip. From Legend of Zelda to Mario, these cups serve as a gateway to wired bliss. Some mugs even physically change when the cup is full or empty. What better way to show your holiday love than getting your gamer all wired for all night play?

Video Game Stockings

Price Range: Depending on the items you gather to make said stocking, but can you really put a price on happiness?

Can't think of anything gaming related to put inside that boring, old stocking? Why not changing up your gamer's stock by giving (or making) a gaming themed one? Plug in some lights, grab the decals, and their favorite game fabric style and you can make a super awesome Video Game stocking. You can also purchase some online but they can be hard to find. And what better way to give your gamer joy than by giving them something made from your own blood, sweat, and tears?

Console Skins

Price Range: $9-$40 Depending on where you buy and for what console. Style/design comes into affect as well.

Place to Buy:

Just like the naked controller, consoles like clothes just as much as they do. Get your gamer some kick ass consol skins. Urban camoflage, a character theme from their favorite game, or just an artistic expression of how infinite our galaxy is. You can't go wrong with a cool console upgrade.

Game Plushies

Price Range: $11-$20 going off size or the popularity of the game series.

Place to Buy: Amazon 

We all know gamers are still kids at heart. What kid doesn't love plushies of their favorite characters? Picking up a Companion Cube, a Pokemon, or a Mario Plushie is never a bad idea. Plus these are gifts they can cherish for years and even pass down to their future gamers.

The Latest Game

Price Range: $40-$70 plus tax depending on the game. At least you can save on wrapping paper this year.

Places to Buy: Local game store or Amazon searching your game of choice.

Can't decide on any of these ideas above? Having just a small Christmas this year? Why not pick up the latest game and shove it in that stocking of theirs? It stands as a simple idea and gives you peace of mind that your gamer will be entertained for hours on end.

Now you have a few ideas on how to keep the holiday shopping season easy with all these stocking stuffer ideas. Any of these ideas would be great for that special gamer in your life, young or old.

Have anything else you have received that could go well for others rushing for last minute stocking stuffers? Tell us in the comments below.

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