Games That Utilize Rain For Thrilling Moments

Let's dive in: how pivotal a role has rain played on our video games?

Well, it's raining where I live. To celebrate the occasion, here's a list of games that showcase rain and use it to trigger profound emotions.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

A bit primitive for present-day gamers, I'm sure, but this gem of the '90s really took immersive storytelling to a whole new level in every category imaginable.

A Link to the Past amped up everything in the scenery to bring the sense of emotions you were supposed to feel, including the addition of pixelated rain to drive home the ominous feeling of uncertainty. The game's choice to use rain in its story set a precedent which we still use today.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Shortly after the popularity of the 7th generation of consoles started to arise, Modern Warfare hit the scene with its amazing narrative, extraordinary graphics, and stellar multiplayer. The real kicker that had gotten me hooked into that game and even console gaming as whole though, was the first operation that Soap, Price, and Gaz embarked on with its gorgeous atmosphere.

This first operation was the first time you actually stopped and payed attention to the weather, as it was extremely intoxicating and vivid. As Price lit his cigarette, it was there with all the shadow effects and rain particles, that it became clear how video games had evolved from simple 2D platformers to blockbuster experiences.

Grand Theft Auto 4

Actual car jacking was the least interesting thing to do in this explosive installment of the GTA series. As precipitation graced the fine streets of Liberty City, gamers playing as the eastern European immigrant, Niko, stared in awe around this seemingly alive urban ecosystem they inhabited.

For the first time, we could actually immerse ourselves in this open world sandbox doing a library of activities the way the gamer saw fit. The rain and other elements of the weather only highlighted the grand sense of the game's feel.

Pokémon: The Whole Franchise

A legendary franchise which came to power on the small Gameboy, Pokémon has entertained countless people with its brilliant RPG elements and enticing fantasy world.

With exhilarating battles every where you looked, the rain within the game really transformed these creature skirmishes and overall running from gym to gym to a fully functional world that didn't revolve around you, but was its own thriving universe. This gave the player feelings of excitement knowing the story they had entered was much bigger than themselves, adding wonder to your adventure.

Heavy Rain

How could I forget a game with rain in its name? Jokes aside, this experimental title really explored very mature themes of loss, mourning, and a variety of other negative emotions. A brilliant work of fiction, nothing provoked more feelings of duress and turmoil than its frequent rain segments, illustrating the horrors of the Origami Killer and his impact on the helpless victims.

Really exemplifying what can happen when a narrative goes insanely dark, Heavy Rain truly utilizes its rain elements to propel a unique rollercoaster ride of betrayal and grief. 

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