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Smoky Grey's Tale As An Intern
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I have been a GameSkinny Beta intern since day one and I am really loving it. This is our last week of the beta phase of the internship and soon we will be starting the Bastion phase, so here is a little recap of my time here.

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Week 1

In the first week we were named team Omega and the group I was assigned to were all really nice people. There were 5 of us and we all seemed to get along really well. It only took a week for our social media head to drop out, but with the great people on our team we picked up the slack and did great. Our first week we came in second place in views, which was awesome.

Week 2 and 3

Over the next 2 weeks I learned a lot about grammar, teamwork, and deadlines. It didn’t take long for another teammate to drop out, but it was a blessing in disguise because our team was merged into team Omicron who also had some dropouts. After that, team Omegacron was born, and we got some great people. Everyone on the team was really helpful and happy to lend a hand finding content to write about.

Final Week

After the final round of dropouts, our team is back down to 5 people, but everyone here is dedicated and driven. As a team we have streamlined our work and my teammates have had some great ideas for improving our articles and getting more views. Everyone on our team is great at their specific role and not afraid to lend a hand where needed. We have been pumping out some great articles and last week our team came in first place in views. Woot!


I am having a great time as a beta intern and plan to continue ’til they kick me out. I have met some great people and we are all having a lot of fun between all the work. Also Katy, our boss, has been super helpful and very understanding. For now our team will keep writing great articles and we hope you will keep reading them. Keep an eye out for more great articles from team Omegacron.

Team Omegacron

  • Emmelinep
  • Jamie K
  • MirandaCB
  • MirroredSakura
  • Smoky Grey


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