GameSkinny Internship Program: Beta Phase

Ready to be all that you can be, while gaining experience and class credit*? Read on!
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Please note that our BETA phase is full. We are accepting resumes for the Bastion Phase, beginning June 1st.

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Next week, GameSkinny will enter a four-week beta phase for our new Internship Program. This will be a remote position, and is unpaid.

Who can apply?

Any and all are encouraged to apply. Those in need of class credit will be given priority once the beta phase is complete and we begin the official program.

Each intern will fill out a small form and listen to a short audio file in order for GameSkinny to get information on what each intern wants to do. They will have a first/second/third choice in the event that they can’t get onto their first choice position on their team. Each team will be made up of four positions:

  • An editor
  • Two or three writers
  • A social media & marketing head
  • Team Managers (who will report to Katy, the program lead)

Team Responsibilities

Team managers will be responsible for handing out the duties of their team—giving some interns managerial experience as well as team-leading and general editorial experience. A daily list of activities will be sent to team leaders from Katy. These team leaders will hand out the duties among their 4 other teammates and report the completed list back to Katy.

Each team will have their own Skype chatroom in which they can correspond with one another each and every day (a Skype account is free to set up and a webcam is not required).

Each team will also go a Skype chat/call with Katy once per week to catch up on tasks and receive feedback (both from Katy and from the team). Rewards will be handed out on Friday for leading teams; these include gift cards, money and even hardware to review based on a team’s metrics for the concluding week. Teams will be measured week to week by a predetermined engagement metric, which will also correspond with the overall phase target metric.


Intern program participants are required to track daily tasks that they will use in individual weekly updates, to be sent in on Friday by 4PM. ALL interns will do this, with team leaders sending in additional information on what their team as a whole accomplished during the week.

Team members who are not effective or do not pull their weight will be noted. Ineffective team leaders will also be noted. Team members who are performing poorly and do not attempt to improve will be removed and replaced as necessary. 

Exit Survey

Interns will complete an over-arching survey that allows GameSkinny to improve the program from phase to phase.


We’re running our first test program for four weeks beginning April 29, 2013. Send an email to Katy ([email protected]) to get more information or to sign up. The test program will not be for credit–however, it will provide experience and ensure you a spot in the next phase of the program, which officially begins June 1st, 2013.

*Class credit eligibility is determined by your school, please check with them to confirm this program fulfills your requirements.  

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