GameSkinny Round Table Podcast Episode 8

Something is Fish-y in the gaming industry...
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Welcome to the belated Week 8 episode of the GameSkinny Round Table Podcast! Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you do not like our faces) this was our last week as an audio-only podcast. Right now you can even check out our amazing and current, Week 9 video podcast on the front page.

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Last week we had Nunu, GaryRobLui, and Stephanie as our host, with Ernesto joining our ranks as the newest member. We also had the pleasure of having Brian and Jay as guests for the week.

During the episode we went over recent news pieces including:

  • Star Wars Battlefront being released to tie in with Episode IIV
  • Martian Manhunter DLC released for Injustice
  • Rumors of divided PS4 RAM.
  • Rumors of a new reveal for the Xbox One
  • Biosock Infite DLC

We ended our discussion with a debate over what Phil Fish’s recent departure from gaming, means to not only the industry and its developers, but also to the gaming community as a whole.

As promised in the podcast, Lui‘s article, How Phil Fish’s Meltdown Reflects the Gaming Industry, details the factors leading up to his Twitter freak out, and offers a different perspective on the issue, that some of the other hosts did not fully agree with.

The Phil Fish talk is our first “debate” topic that we will continue to include within every episode in the future. The debate got pretty heated at points, and both sides brought up convincing arguments. It certainly is an issue that is important the entire industry.

But, it was great week, and we had a lot of fun. It was great to hear people so passionate about video games and protecting their integrity

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(Written recap brought to you this week by Lui.)

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