GameSkinny Roundtable Podcast Episode 7

Just a few guys, gathering around to not talk about Unicorns.
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Welcome back to the weekly podcast! Last week we posted our special feature interview with Tangier’s developer Alex Harvey.

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Later that evening, we gathered again to talk about developing news, including the Microsoft announcement of every Xbox One being used as a Dev Kit

Although we were missing a few of our regular speakers this session, we are joined by Aneudys, Rob, John, Gary, and Lui as they hang out and chat.

It is a very laid back, and relaxing episode. Try to think as overhearing four buddies chatting about video games. (No talk of Unicorns this episode though!)

Week 8 will be posted shortly, where we will announce some new features that will be coming to all future podcasts, as well as a new member!

Be sure to check in soon, and stay classy GameSkinny!

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