Gaming Etiquette – We Need It & We Need It Now!

How should we conduct ourselves in online gaming? The younger generation do play too, so shouldn't we all be role models?
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As an avid gamer, I find that many online gaming communities lack sensible etiquette. It’s just those little rude things people pick up on, judge you for and consider you as.

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So far in gaming we have been desensitized to it, because we are just so used to being trolled, putting up with misbehavior, and people (lets be frank) being complete dicks over the internet.

So, why do we tolerate it?

Because we’re used to it?

Because we just don’t care any more?

None of these are a reason to put up with misbehavior. Forgive me for how I have been raised, but if a child misbehaves, you tell him off, clip him round the back of the ear, or just downright put them in their place. Lets put this into perspective:

Forty years ago parents, carers, or guardians would be taking children out over the park to play games there, teaching them how to grow up, having fun with them. In short, they were role models to the younger generation. Now with gaming in play, kids do not get that role model figure because they are always gaming. They are exposed to this bad environment where they misbehave anonymously over the internet. Because they can get away with it. And because of this large fact, children are not getting the upbringing they need with morals, ethics, and other valuable life teachings. If gaming had a solid etiquette, we wouldn’t end up with a generation of spoiled little…

You see where this is going.

Namely, I believe as children are gaming now, we should all be role models online!

In essence, try to be considerate to your fellow gamers. You’ll find if you mind yourself you’ll get used to being nicer and it will help you later in life. Seriously. On the topic, here are a few funnies.

Red Vs Blue. If you don’t know these guys, I suggest you start!

Here’s a view on tabletop gaming etiquette:

Here is one referenced to LoL:

Here’s a video of a girls point of view on online etiquette:

Finally, here’s some insight with some hilarious video’s on ~Trolling with Kindness from our lovely speedyw03


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