Gaming Gun Kickstarter Project Funded

Gaming gun controller, Delta Six, has been successfully funded by a kickstarter project by a gaming controller inventor, David Kotkin.
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A new gaming controller design has amerged. This controller is specifically for FPS games and looks like a G36C rifle. David Kotkin has created his own vision for a gaming gun controller. This controller is called the Delta Six.

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Inventor of the Go Duster and the DEF-CON F4 Avenger controller, Kotkin got tired of the same old routine with shooter games. He wanted to invent something that will bring back the ‘mojo’ in FPS games.

Be in the game

The Delta Six will bring you closer to the game than you have ever been before. You put the gun in your hands and move and fire the same as if you were in the game itself. As for motion control, the Delta six has a real recoil feel when you fire. You can tap the bottom of the magazine to reload and move the stock of the gun to execute a melee attack. You can move around by moving the gun forward, backwards, turning and even strafing while firing.

Too realistic? Nah..

In today’s world, a very realistic looking gun controller can ‘surprise’ people, so Kotkin has to add a little bright orange tip and will also be optionally available in bright white. I don’t think anybody will have a problem with that, wouldn’t want the neighbors thinking your about to blow a hole in your nice new TV.

One controller to rule them all

With multiple console compatibility, the Delta Six controller is one of the few controllers on the market for almost all systems. The only gaming gun controller that is compatible with the Xbox360, PS3, PC and the next generation of consoles. Now you have reason to buy only one for all your gaming needs.

Pledge amount has been reached!

Kotkin needed help from people around the globe to ‘kickstart’ this project into gear. His goal of $100,000 was successfully accomplished on June 7th. But that’s not all, Kotkin has made a few stretch goals that if reached, he will throw in a few add-ons for Delta Six. At $200,000, he will add a grenade launcher control to the Delta Six and at $250,000, he will add in a silencer. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

So right now Kotkin’s goal has almost made it to $200,000. If you are into his style of gaming, or just want to get your hands on the trigger, help him out and pledge for more badass controller add-ons. You can check out all of the extras you can get as a ‘backer’ to his project here.

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