Geek Chic: A look at J!NX’s new Overwatch apparel

Overwatch is coming out this month, and you know what that means? Merchandising!

Overwatch is coming out this month, and you know what that means? Merchandising!

The Overwatch beta may be ending on May 10th, but soon we will have the full version to sink our teeth into. The people at J!NX apparel are starting to roll out a lot of officially licensed gear and accessories to help you get hyped up for the release date on May 24th.

While the Blizzard store has had Overwatch clothing available for quite some time, a lot of it is understated. I really like minimalism, but I think having a shirt of Hanzo’s beard may be going a bit too far… Which isn’t to say that all of it isn’t cool. Personally my choice would be the one that showcases all of the characters. At least then it’s not a shirt entirely devoted to scruff and top knot. 

I feel like this really gives a better perspective of the game as well. It’s called Overwatch. This shirt does a good job of representing exactly who that is.

In comparison, here’s some of the newer stuff J!NX is putting out.

I love how the Lunar Ops shirt looks purposefully worn. It fits the theme of how Overwatch’s outposts have fallen into disuse, and the vintage look is great. It also helps that the image stays within the realm of being geeky without mashing the fact you like video games into someone else’s face. You could totally wear that shirt and still looks classy. Meanwhile, the people who understand it will just enjoy it all the more when they see it.

Maybe I’m biased since Reinhardt is my favorite character, but that shirt truly does him so much justice. I really feel Blizzard’s official store missed out on adding more of the character of each playable hero into their clothes, and the Reinhardt shirt just really does it for me. Look at him: regal, impenetrable, the lion gauntlet facing out, this is a perfect pose choice for this shirt.

The selection so far ranges from an Overwatch logo keychain, a hoodie, another logo’d hat and the shirts. Prices average around the twenty dollar range — so nothing is too overpriced, and just a few dollars cheaper than buying them from the Blizzard store. Blizzard does have a larger overall selection, however, including some bundles that keep their options competitive.

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