Geeks of the Gaming Table(top)

Watch TableTop on YouTube to see entertaining guests and great games.

Who doesn’t want to have Wil Wheaton coming over to play table top games with an ever rotating group of friends?

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On the YouTube channel Geek and Sundry, you can watch Wil Wheaton host game night on the web series called TableTop.

The video format is usually divided into three parts. The pregame is where the game and the players are introduced. The basics of playing and winning are explained so that the viewer doesn’t get lost while watching.

Then the videos usually dive straight into playing the game. The game that is filmed is usually not the first time the guests have played the game, but they aren’t always fully familiar with all the intricate rules.

The final section is the aftermath of the game, where Wil Wheaton either boasts about his prowess at playing the game or hands over some kind of prize for the winners.

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With the format being consistent from video to video, the fun comes in with the personality of the players and then the game itself. In the video below Felicia Day, Ashley Clements, Amy Okuda, and Allison Skagliotti along with Wil Wheaton play The Resistance.

This series opened my eyes to a bunch of different games. I haven’t always been a fan of the games played. Some of the games are long, complicated, and wouldn’t work with my personal group of friends. There are some other games that I immediately want to buy and bust out of the packaging.

But I really watch TableTop to see some of my favorite actors and YouTube personalities play games. Because, really, who doesn’t want to see their geeky heroes bicker like children?

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