Getting to Know Dragon Slayer Award Nominee: CCP Guard

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CCP Guard is one of EVE Online’s Community Developers. He began his career with EVE in 2003, where he acted as a GM. In 2006, he became a Senior GM, and eventually Lead GM, before assuming his current position in 2011.

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CCP Guard deals mostly with promotional and PR work within the community of EVE. He is active on the forums, performing the usual duties of a Community Manager, as well as posting regarding Developer updates and other such information. He maintains a Twitter account under his CCP Guard handle, and regularly updates it with information pertaining to his role. He also continues to be a player of EVE.

CCP Guard, along with CCP Navigator, is up for Community Manager of the Year in the Dragon Slayer Awards. If you’re a player of EVE, you should definitely consider voting to help CCP Guard win his first Community Manager of the Year!

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