Gamer gifts that are worth shopping for.

Gift Guide: Best Gamer Gifts for Tricking out your Desk

Gamer gifts that are worth shopping for.

Gamers need their own space and they also need gaming merchandise to spice up their lair. Like most gamers, the collectibles and the limited edition merchandise is what drives them to keep buying what they want. Merch is important, so upgrading that computer or improving your desk is a big deal to a lot of gamers everywhere.

Here's a list of some game gifts to purchase for gamers who want to trick out their desk.

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Ergonomic Computer Desk Extender

Price: $5.00

Available on: Amazon

Being an avid gamer sometimes means you'll need comfort and support. Look no further, this Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Desk Extended Arm support is here. It reduces pressure on the wrist and minimizes strain to the muscles and tendons on the neck, arm and shoulder. Any gamer would enjoy this stress-reducing gift for the holidays. 


BB-8 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Desk Lamp

Price: $39.99

Purchase it on GameStop

This BB-8 lamp brings a piece of Star Wars: The Force Awakens home. There are three different lighting modes: natural white, warm white, and amber. The product is felt based so it won't scratch your desk. Touch and hold to dim the light or tap BB-8's head to turn it on/off. Bring a piece of The Force Awakens home and bring the right atmosphere to your gaming desk with this cool BB-8 desk lamp.


Fire Emblem Clay Portrait


Available on Etsy

This cute Fire Emblem clay portrait is a nice accessory to your desk.  Bring your favorite characters to your desk. This handmade portrait can fit anywhere in your home. You can also contact the seller if you want him to create different characters; just message him with what you want and he can create your own personalized clay portrait. 

Size: 3.5 x 3.5


Legend of Zelda Master Sword Letter Opener


Available to purchase on ThinkGeek

With this Legend of Zelda Master Sword Letter Opener you can wield its magic as you open your mail. It can save you from the darkness of evil and also paper cuts. Fans of Zelda will enjoy opening their mail like heroes, all while wielding the holy power of the sword.

Wooden Engraved Gamer Coasters


Available to purchase on Etsy

Need somewhere to place your gamer juice? Look no further, these wooden engraved coasters are the perfect accessory to your gaming lifestyle. Made from bamboo for increased durability, you can purchase these handmade coasters as a six piece set.


Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank


Available to purchase on ThinkGeek

This Pikachu coin bank is a cute and simple gamer gift. It actually saves the gamer pennies and dimes so it's a 2 for one deal. On top of the adorable money grabbing, Pikachu says up to 2000 different phrases.




Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse


Purchase on Amazon

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable gaming mouse is a gamer's best friend and right or left hand man for gaming. It has an optical sensor for the best tracking performance. There's eleven programmable buttons and very comfortable. This is an excellent gift for any gamer looking to upgrade their mouse.


Nier Automata Bring Arts 2B and Lifeform Machine


Nier Automata Bring Arts 2B andLifefrom Machine set and she is crafted thoroughly with every detail. The statue can do multiple poses and has a variety of accessories like different heads, swords, and pods. Save the Earth with this delicately durable figure, available to buy on May 2018.


Resident Evil: Jill Valentine Pop Toy


Available on Walmart

Resident Evil fans would love the Jill Valentine PopToy. At only 3-3/4 inches tall it's a perfect desk buddy, sitting neatly on any gamer's desk. The vinyl toy is one of many collectibles so collect as many as you can.

Vault 111 Steel Series Headset and Mouse


Available on ThinkGeek

Fallout 4 brings gamers the Vault 111 Steel Series Headset and Mouse. These accessories are perfect for those long nights of gaming and listening to your game with clear surround sound. The mouse and headset are compatible with Windows and Mac (mousepad not included). The mouse has rubberized coating for better grip so game hard and get through the wasteland with these amazing accessories for your gaming cave.


When you get a gift for a gamer it can't be just any gift, it has to be the best gift out there. With over a million and counting gifts for gamers to buy for their desks, its possible for anyone to get the best product from any of these reputable sites. Go ahead, go on a gaming shopping spree and trick out your desk. 

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