Gifts for Fashionable Gamers: Top 10 Must Haves

Looking for a gift this holiday season for a fashionable gamer? You're in luck!

#1: The Last Of Us - Ellie Fall Hoodie and Melee Shirt from the Naughty Dog Store

These pieces from the new Naughty Dog Store are perfect for any The Last of Us fans in your life. Both styles come in men and women's sizes. The Ellie Fall Hoodie is $60 and the Melee tee is $20. For a more in-depth look at both pieces, check out my review here

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#2: Mass Effect - Tali Draped Hoodie from The Bioware Store

Even though Mass Effect 4 is a long way out, this Tali Draped Hoodie is the ultimate gift for the Quarian fangirl in your life. It's $40 from The BioWare Store and is available in women's sizes small to x-large. I had a chance to try out the hoodie and reviewed it here

#3: Halo - 105th Division Tee from J!NX

Gaming t-shirts can be bit boring - you know, the one with that's black, oversized, and has the game logo slapped on front - but this ODST shirt from J!NX shakes it up. It's a beautiful blue color and features both a subtle design on the front and sleeve of the shirt. It's $22 from J!NX and makes a great gift for the friend that can't put down The Master Chief Collection

#4: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Amulet of Mara from The Bethesda Store

Give a special someone this Amulet of Mara necklace for Christmas and you may find yourself taking the next steps...towards marriage! This necklace is a replica of the in-game amulet and is 1 of 500. The handcrafted necklace will set you back $95 at The Bethesda Store. 

Bonus: They have even more necklaces on their site! 

#5: Portal - Scientist Jacket from Musterbrand

This is a bigger ticket item, but it's so worth it if you're a Portal fan. It's clear to see how much inspiration Musterbrand took from the Portal series with this jacket, from the test sign arm patch to the blue and orange's clearly an Aperture design! The jacket is insanely comfortable and high quality (you can read a more in-depth review here) and costs $220. 

#6: Fallout - NCR Messenger Bag from The Bethesda Store

This gift is not only stylish, but extremely practical. The NCR Messenger Bag comes with 5 pockets (all of different sizes) to keep you organized and a thick, comfortable shoulder strap. This bag is perfect for a gamer who's constantly lugging around their laptop or board games. This bag will set you back $68. 

#7: Mass Effect - Tali Hooded Scarf from The Bioware Store

Possibly the coolest item I've seen this holiday season, the Hooded Scarf from the BioWare Store is a longer scarf that has a warm hood and pocket. That's right, there's a pocket built in to the scarf. Genius. The scarf comes in both a Tali (Mass Effect) and Morrigan (Dragon Age) design and is $35. 

#8: Halo - Unity Raglan from J!NX

The Halo Unity Raglan is a great alternative for a gamer who loves to wear gaming tees, but is looking for something different. The design of this shirt is extremely comfortable and easy to wear, plus it's warmer than your average cotton t-shirt. This shirt is $24 from J!NX and is available in both men's and women's styles. 

#9: Assassin's Creed - Unity Polo from UbiWorkshop

The newest game in the Assassin's Creed franchise opened so many stylish doors in the world of revolutionary France. The Unity Polo takes inspiration from classic and historical French military uniforms, with a modern twist. The polo is a great gift for any history buff you know that loves games or those diehard Assassin's Creed fans. The polo is $40 from UbiWorkshop. 

#10: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - College of Winterhold Tee from The Bethesda Store

The College of Winterhold Tee is the perfect gift for the Elder Scrolls fan in your life. It's comfortable, easy to layer, and features a great design. The tee is $20 from The Bethesda Store and won't guarantee any magic skills. 

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