A few massive worlds with new story lines that come in the form of mods for Fallout: New Vegas.

Gigantic Fallout New Vegas mods to keep you busy until Fallout 4

A few massive worlds with new story lines that come in the form of mods for Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout 4 is coming, and people everywhere are stoked to make a return to the nuclear world of Fallout, but there is still quite a long way to go before the release of the game. For some, the announcement inspired them to play through the Fallout games that they have never finished, but for others, it reminded them of certain mods that have remained unfinished until today. 

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Some of the content creators out there still have some unfinished business left on their projects for Fallout: New Vegas and after 5 years, some of these developers are finally ready to show off their game. With that said, keep in mind that these aren’t only just mods, but they are full-fledged experiences of their own, that come with a whole new story than what you would experience on a normal playthrough of New Vegas.

Project Brazil

I’m not really sure why it’s titled Project Brazil since it has nothing to do with the country at all, but the best guess I can give is because of the sheer scale of the mod. 

The game puts you in the shoes of an orphan kid who has recently escaped an evolving civil war in Vault 18. The setting is the San Bernardino Mountains in the heart of the California highways and you’ll encounter many threats such as New Reno’s Mob Boss, the Enclave, a supermutant army, and various tribes in the area. 

The story comes with two separate endings depending on the decisions you make, and there are 8 possible companions for you to have. It also gives you a whole new introduction video, along with 2 new radio stations for the player to listen too. 

Beyond Boulder Dome

Beyond Boulder Dome is one of the highest rated Fallout modification on NexusMods, with almost 360,000 downloads. Set in the mountains of Colorado it features custom-made sounds for new creatures, new characters, a unique quest line, and never before seen weapons. 

The story is about a utopian society built before the bombs were dropped called the Boulder Dome. The Boulder Dome was equipped with an advanced scientific research facility, and an Ark that helped it to withstand the nuclear attacks. 

Before the world went to waste, those at the top of their fields were transferred into the dome, and put into a cold sleep, transporting them into the future so that they could help rebuild society. Once they woke up, they found themselves infected with some strange disease and were slowly dying off. 

With there already being an issue inside of Boulder Dome, outside of the massive rocks two factions are moving in. The NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel, each with their own plans for the research facility. 

You play as the Courier that gets caught in the middle of all this, and the fate of all three of these groups of people depend on the decisions you make.


Fallout: Dust

Unlike the other two, Fallout: Dust keeps you in the Mojave and around the area of New Vegas. The twist though is that the story takes you in 20 years after the war at Hoover Dam, and New Vegas has been desolated by the outcome. Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam have all dried up, and the bright neon lights of the Strip have gone dark. The only inhabitants left are survivors like yourself, along with other creatures that still dwell in the ruins.

Instead of playing as the original courier, you play as a bystander who is just trying to get out of the Mojave by whatever means possible. Staying put means certain death, so somehow you have to craft a plan to escape. On the road you’ll encounter old factions such as leftover remnants of the NCR and the Legion, but mostly you’ll be fending off cannibals and other survivors who are also just looking for a way out.

This mod takes the meaning of survival to a whole new level. Ammo is a lot scarcer, and humans like yourself take a lot more damage. Everything you do needs to be strategically laid out, and running and gunning would most likely mean death. Killing too many could also lead to you going insane, along with other practices such as taking hardcore drugs for boosts, or eating human flesh for health. The environment has been redone to make everything seem dead and dusty, and the atmosphere overall is going to be a dismal one.

Tons of More Hours Thanks To Creative Community

Thanks all these new mods coming out, hundreds of extra hours will be added to Fallout: New Vegas to serve as an appetizer before Fallout 4 hits shelves. The great thing about these mods is that they tell completely separate stories that differ from Fallout: New Vegas, so even if you haven’t beaten the game you can still just download them and play. 

If you are looking for a whole new apocalyptic experience to play while you wait for one of the biggest releases of the year, then be sure to check out the vibrant modding community for Fallout. Although there isn’t a Steam Workshop incorporated into any of the games in the series, the modding community is alive and breathing, with talented creators churning out new content almost every day.

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