Godus: The Pursuit of Power (A Review-In-Progress)

If you're interested in playing God, Godus may be the game for you. Read on for my review-in-progress.
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Let me be clear up front and say I have not played Godus yet. However, I will be conducting a very slow review-in-progress for you over the next four weeks. I don’t have a ton of time to put into gaming, but believe me, every minute I can spare is devoted to it. So what I hope to do is dive into the new game from Peter Molyneaux’s company 22 Cans, and share my thoughts with you one week at a time. For anyone considering the game, it’s only $19.99 on Steam, so I would probably say just go ahead and give it a shot since it’s not exactly expensive, but if you really need to be talked into or out of it, that will be my goal for this column over the next month.

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Playing God

For those who may have never heard about this this game, Godus was funded through Kickstarter and is designed to allow you to play the role of God, much like in Populous or Black & White (which were both made by Molyneaux). You can create the world you play in, make your followers believe in you, and become more powerful with each soul that is devoted to you. You can challenge other “gods” (players) in battles that pit your followers against theirs, as well as use your “god powers” against them to help sway the momentum. As you conquer more players and their land, your powers will grow even stronger.

“GODUS is a great idea made in a culture of openness and co-operation. All along we’ve shared our passion as the worlds, the people and the godly powers have been developed and honed. We’ve received imaginative ideas, passion and support back many times over. GODUS isn’t just a new game, it’s a new way of making games. We’re loving the process and hope you will join us!” – 22 Cans

Gods With Friends

The concept to me is very intriguing. Molyneaux’s other God games have focused mostly on the single-player experience, but he is taking that idea and adding in a multiplayer system, and it should be very interesting to see how that plays out. I’m not sure yet what happens when you lose a battle. Do you lose all those followers that get killed? Do you lose your land? Do you have to start all over? These are questions I hope to answer for you over the next few weeks, and I’ll give you my impressions on how it all works.

It’s worth pointing out this is a Steam Early Access game, so it is not fully finished. As such, there may be some bugs or issues that come up that hopefully will not be in the game at its official launch, but I will be sure to point these out though, especially if they are game breaking. I am expecting this to be a game that is addicting, captivating, and one that offers an incredible amount of choice. Based on Molyneaux’s other efforts, I don’t think it’s too far off-base to expect this.

I plan on posting these updates every Tuesday, and I hope you’ll stick with me, and together we’ll learn all about the world of Godus.

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