Goldie is the Goldest Guildie in Gwen – Don’t Mess with The Goldie.

Goldie for the Gold! With the Zenith Avenger, she'll steal your thunder in a streak of white gold fury!
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Goldie comes as a complete package of random white gold excitement bundled with a wicked gold tongue and shining wit. Belongs to The Descendants of Gwen but fiercely and goldly independent. Clothes randomly chosen after hard work and much gold sweat.


* Leika’s Breastplate of the Baelfire

*Radiant Vambraces

* Carrion Barbaric Legplates of Speed

* Heavy Inka Boots of the Baelfire

Hidden –  Heavy Rubicon Helm of the Fighter and Flame Legion Pauldrons of the Baelfire.

All White Gold with a touch of Lava Red just to get your heart rate a-racin’! She’s one Gold Sinner!

The Desert Rose of the Valkyrie was gifted to her by a loved one along with the Beryl Orichalcum Ear-ring of the Valkyrie, Eternal Ice Accessory, Gwen’s Necklace, Rampager’s and Carrion Ring. 

She uses her Zenith Avenger to strike the baddies and if in a realm of panic,turns to her Molten Rifle of Accuracy to swipe them away until she pulls herself together and shoots them right between the eyes with her poison piercings.

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