Google Glass: Your Next Powerful Gaming Device?

Google Glass is changing the way users share vision and technology, but can it also impact gaming as well?

The technology in Google Glass is changing the way users share vision and technology in the same line of sight even while in open beta testing. Google’s wearable device offers benefits for various lifestyles, interests, and passions, including gaming.

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The current state of gaming on Google Glass

Games have already been developed for the device, but the opportunity exists to expand the entertainment. The Mini-Games application currently holds five games that combine features such as voice recognition, motion, and device orientation. These games create a virtual playing space to hit a tennis ball, shoot a clay disk, or even recognize hand motions to slice objects.

Google Glass effectively combines the real world with the cyber world, but there is currently no option to incorporate reality with the playing space. There is also no possibility for competition among users with the same device and application.

What could be the future for Google Glass and gaming?

With further development, A plain street side table would provide a chance to play a game such as air hockey. A pair of Google Glass owners would connect to the same game and share a virtual playing field laid on a real life object, moving the pieces by selecting them with their hands as they appear on the table.

The use of one flat surface makes sharing an activity like gaming convenient, intriguing, and evolving. Without any extra game pieces, solid screens to be absorbed in, and limited choices by current gaming methods, gamers with Google Glass would be encouraged to take advantage of a gaming opportunity provided by their environment while being free to engage with their opponent.

Multiple gaming options can be created from one flat surface, from pool to a physics-based catapult game, but tabletop games should not be the conclusion of the wearable’s potential. Just as motion capture cameras and tablets have been integrated with video game consoles, mirrors and console support would enhance the content and quality of entertainment on Google Glass.

The opportunities for Google Glass to expand gaming is not as small as the clear spectacle that projects information. The possibilities are as far as the vision developers have during open beta to provide entertainment.

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