Grand Theft Auto Five: The Little Things It Gives Us

Grand Theft Autos highly anticipated heists came after nine major content updates and a year after release. Why is that?
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

As Rockstar fans would know, Grand Theft Auto Online Heists were recently released. Grand Theft Auto V hit the 45 million sales mark last month. Rockstar took over a year to release the highly anticipated heists, but it seems that the next gen copy with first person was released first. 

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Sales were boosted for the open world, action-adventure game when the game arrived on PS4. When the game arrived on PS4 most people were expecting heists to arrive in the coming weeks, but the main feature GTA Online had was increased server lobbys and an annoucement that Rockstar “will support current gen as long as we can”.

While the game was mainly focused on PS3 and Xbox 360 for most of 2014, nine major content updates were uploaded during that time. The High Life update, The I’m Not A Hipster Update, The Business Update, San Andreas Flight School Update, The Beach Bum Pack, Independence Day Special, The Business Update and The Last Team Standing Update. 

Now don’t get me wrong its great that Rockstar is adding and developing new content to GTA Online but in a way it kind of seems like they just beef up the game when sales are down.

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