Grand Theft, Pokemon Go and Other Pokemon Mods You Must Try

Pokemon Go is infiltrating gamings modding scene. Here are some the absolute best mods you can download if you're a Poke-freak!

Pokemon has been a popular thing since the '90s, and it doesn't look like it is going away anytime soon.

Pokemon isn't a fad. And of course, it's kind of hard for it to be when there are thousands upon thousands of pokemon that need to be captured, and thousands upon thousands of people trying to capture them. 

That's where the latest Pokemon-themed creation comes in; Pokemon Go. In case you have been living under a rock, Pokemon Go is a mobile game that allows players to capture these fictional creatures in the real world and unsurprisingly, the game -- and many of its concepts -- is quickly infiltrating gaming's robust mod community.

From GTA to Fallout, everyone wants to be a PokeMaster and these mods are making it possible.

Keep reading to find out how to download them all!

Grand Theft Auto Pokemon Go

If you ever find yourself getting bored in the city of Los Santos, running people over, hitting stunts and out running the police, you're in luck!

Modder LudicrousBeach has created a Pokemon Go inspired mod that turns the GTA V city into the world of Pokemon, allowing players to avoid the stress of getting off the couch and actually going outside to hunt down Pokemon.

Isn't that so nice of him?

Anyway, the mod allows for several in-depth interactions, much like the actual app. You can actually level up your XP, go to Pokestops, throw Pokeballs, open inventory to view your captured Pokemon and travel with them at your side.

Of course, the game wouldn't really be GTA without the usual violence, so no worries about it completely turning the game away from its usual Mature rating.  

Fallout 4: Pokemon Go

If you're looking for the basic Pokemon Go playthrough in the world of Fallout 4, this mod isn't the place to get it. While the mod is a Pokemon Go one, it takes liberties to keep the game from straying too much and we don't exactly mind.

Instead of your usual hunt, this mod allows you to summon NPC's to help you fight via Pokeballs. 

There's over 25 different NPC's that you can summon once you create a Pokeball at the chemistry workstation. Some NPC's include Mutant Hound, Mr. Gutsy, Feral Ghoul, Raider, Synth, Triggerman, Brotherhood Soldier and more. 


Minecraft Pokemon Go

To be honest, if there wasn't a Pokemon Go mod for Minecraft, we'd be a little disappointed, especially seeing as Minecraft is one of the most mod friendly games out there. Luckily, we have the pleasure to say there is one.

This is a great mod for players that really want the Pokemon Go experience in Minecraft, as nearly 300 types of Pokemon are at your fingertips to capture. If that isn't enough, this mod makes no changes to existing Minecraft base files, which means that this mod works perfectly with almost all other Minecraft add-ons.

Not only that, this mod is a real mod and not just a texture pack. You can actually battle other Pokemon and have access to an attack system that's equipped with 500 individual attacks, giving you not only the Pokemon Go experience, but also the classic handheld experience as well. 

This mod supports versions: 1.7.10, 1.8.9 and 1.10.2

It looks like Pokemon is destined to stay around for quite some time, so we are far from surprised to see it's quickly making it's way into different gaming titles.

That being said, how do you feel about Pokemon Go and it being modded into other games? What games do you want to see take on Pokemon Go? Tell us in the comments below!