Gruilty: The Asuran Mesmer and his Emergent Code

"Magic and Science, now there's the true yin and yang to life."

"Magic and Science, now there's the true yin and yang to life."
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“For many decades Mesmers have been the masters of illusion. They reap magical energies and distort reality as we know it. I set out to understand this magic. I brought it to the forefront of scientific investigation. I’ve done the impossible. I’ve discovered the Emergent Code.”


The Emergent Code

The Emergent Code: Clones, phantasms, illusions, all materialize around a common property. The emergence of these reality altering phenomenon originate from a base function. This is the Emergent Code. All mesmers inherently recognize and adapt this code, but it takes a true master of science to utilize its full potential.

Fueling the Code: By focusing the reality particles around a single point and directing them through the body and expelling them through a weapon, the code can achieve maximum output. 

The glove absorbs the particles. It redirects them to the shoulder, then links them to the body. From there energy is stored or released as the battle dictates. 

“Calculations, Distortions, Manipulations”

Making the Emergent Suit: Careful wiring interlaced into durable, yet mobile, leather work. 

  • Winged Headpiece
  • Adept Epaulets
  • Berserker’s Acolyte Coat
  • Adept Gloves
  • Embroidered Pants
  • Adept Boots

Dyed with: Black, Midnight Ice, Dust, Silver, and Grape Gum

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