Guardian of the Shiverpeaks

Tougher than steel, colder than ice.
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This is my Norn guardian, fashioned after the cold shiverpeaks where she began, inspired by the ice and snow of the Norn homelands.

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  • Head: T3 Norn Cultural
  • Shoulders: T3 Norn Cultural
  • Chest: T3 Norn Cultural
  • Gauntlets: Arah Heavy Gauntlets
  • Leggings: T3 Norn Cultural
  • Boots: Orr Karma Boots (Armageddon)


  • Corrupted Blaster
  • Corrupted Skeggox
  • Corrupted Bulwark
  • Flute!

The dyes used are Glacial Sky and Deep Glacial Sky, the rare dyes from the Frost & Fire gem store chests. I picked these because they bring out the texture in armor much more than regular dyes.

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