Guild Wars 2 Daily Slay: Crown Pavilion

A good guild made the challenge of Crown Pavilion fun.
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I have a great guild in Guild Wars 2. I’m new to their ways, though.  In the original game I was the leader of my guild and in the beginnings of Guild Wars 2 I was in a guild with people with skill levels way above mine. It was a problem because when I asked them anything they responded with some variation of, “you seriously don’t know that?”

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I got sick of being treated like a noob so I searched for something new. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it ended up. This guild is extremely organized.  Every week they post a calendar of events. The picture below is of guild missions, but we also do the best thing ever: guild lotto.

Guild lotto is something I’d never heard of until very recently. The idea of the event is that you sign up to go farming and then after the farm everyone in attendance gives up their good loot so that an officer of the guild can have a computer randomly choose a winner of all those who signed up.

It’s brilliant because it’s so cooperative. In guild missions there really is only a small reward for working together, but in the lotto the most powerful players get more loot when they help the weaker players and the weaker players get to go places that would otherwise be unreachable. I’ve done it a couple of times now and I’m hooked. It’s as addictive as real gambling knowing that all the money, legendaries, and rare materials could be yours. It’s worth giving up your tiny amount of prize when you can see how many sweet prizes you could win. Plus you get to keep anything that’s not rare.

Normally the guild lotto takes place in Orr, but this week it took place in the Crown Pavillion. I can’t play the area in Divinity’s Reach by myself. I spend the whole time being defeated. Some of the champions in Queen Jennah’s new arena are so tough that they can one-shot me with their powerful AoE spells. My guild calls Kuraii the Cruel master of the red circles because of all the barrages he can summon.

By yourself, the arena is punishing and infuriating. With the guild, during the lotto, the area is so fun. You could see it was made for a zerg. The label “group event” is aptly put. As we moved from slice to slice of the massive pavilion taking down champions and veterans, I felt so powerful.

I tried farming the area with my guild on a warrior and a guardian and I have to say that I preferred the guardian. I could follow the commander tag and keep everybody alive against all the massive damage per second. It was awesome. I would recommend not going alone, but if you’ve got the numbers then the Crown Pavillion will ‘wow’ you. You’ll take a lot of damage, but it will be from all the epic loot thrown at you.

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