Guild Wars 2: Fashion Advice With Duke

It's some Guild Wars 2 fashion advice from a WvWvW commander - what else do you need to know?
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Greetings fellow fashionistas!

My name’s Duke Witherheart and I’m here to tell you why it’s important to dress up all handsomely while you’re commanding!

Am I serious or is this a joke? I’ll leave that to you to decide!


The Basics

First things first, let’s get your dyes right!

Red and back is so Beta Weekend Event. 


I mean, how do you expect to stand out in a zerg when you look like a generic cast member from Gears of War? Now I’m not advocating that you go out on the Trading Post and select the most flamboyant dyes you can buy.

Try to be just a little… tasteful.

Sure, my infamous combination of ‘blue’ and white can be a little garish against the soft watercolours of the Tyrian landscape. But it also means that I stand out quite well when around other people.

If it’s good enough for Facebook then it’s good enough for me!


Keep it simple though: Only more than one or two very different colours and you’ll just look confused. 

The Armour

If you really want to stand out, then you need something unique. Something… artistic. Something… beautiful.

The story behind my current costume is actually down to my dedication to the guild I command for, [RPS]. You see, I actually bought some guild armour to openly represent the guild on the WvWvW stage. 

However, it turns out the armour looks like shit. 

Really shit.

And that’s saying something, given my current outfit.


Told you so.

Anyway I ended up buying the armour blindly, which turned out to be a mistake. Unfortunately I was due to run a guild raid that evening so, having some gems to spare, I ended up purchasing the ‘Profane Armor Skin’.


Now you can see why they call it ‘Profane’.

I understand that not everyone has £5.33 to spend on a skin, no matter how good looking. You can still get some great sets from the explorable dungeon token vendors in Lion’s Arch’s ‘Fort Marriner’. Alternatively, you grab some of the cultural sets from the relevant merchants. 

As with using dyes, keep it simple. If you find yourself wearing two or three different armour ‘looks’ all at once then again you’ll just appear confused.

You might know that I was unable to resist buying the guild weapons and the backpiece. My hope in wearing these is that my enemies will flee at the merest sight of Horace, the great bear deity we worship in [RPS].

Bringing It All Together

So that’s about it for now guys! Just remember: Keep it colourful but simple. Trust me – if you nail down some good apparel and combine that with some pleasant hues, we’ll be renown both on the catwalk and on the battlefield. 


Thanks for reading!

NB: This article was a more polished re-post of an older entry on my blog – although by putting up on GameSkinny I give permission for the editors here to do what they like with it.

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Please also be aware that this is obviously not a proper entry into GameSkinny’s GW2 Fashion Contest – it’s just me offering a bit of friendly advice!

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