Guild wars 2 Fashion Contest: Yago Medava

Yago Medava has responded.

Yago Medava has responded.

Who is this dashing man swathed in light?

The people have cried out for a stylish and handsome hero to take a stand as the epitome of fashion and glory on Tyria and Yago Medava has responded.

Here he is relaxing in Queensdale preparing for his next adventure, causing awe and swoons in the nearby village of Shaemoor due to his majesty.

(Here he discusses the Political campaign of Ellen Kiel for her upcoming election for the captains council)


Want to get the look of glory?
  • Helm Hidden (Radiant or Zephyrite Wind helm if desired)
  • Radiant Mantle (6k+ Achievement points)
  • Acolyte Coat (Trade post)
  • Radiant Vambraces (3k+ Achievement points)
  • Shadow leggings (Karma Vendor)
  • Masquerade Books (Trade Post
  • Zenith spire (1k+ Achievement points)
  • Wind catcher (150 Fortune scarps from Zephyr Sanctum)
  • Dyes required: Celestial, Midnight ice, Sapphire.

(Yago assisting in the education of the orphans of Divinity’s Reach)


Why is this the outfit for you?

Aside from making you look like an angelic being from the gods themselves, this outfit Allows a sense of strength for those classes with light armor and with the glow’s and winds you will be seen as a beacon of hope against the Dragons across all of Tyria.

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